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Meet our TPS Senior Leadership Team

Townfield Primary School Staff

Foundation One

Team Leader - Mrs Dixon

TEDS Manager - Mrs Black

Teacher for Sunshine Bears - Mr N Hughes

Room Manager for Foundation One - Mrs Radley, Mrs Hornby, Mrs Donaldson and Mrs Griffiths

Foundation One Early Years Practitioners - Ms Rossiter, Ms Parker, Mrs Main, Ms Butler, Mrs Kenny and Mrs Cutts

Pre-School Administrator - Mrs Wheeldon


Foundation Two

Team Leader - Mrs Dixon

Black Bear Cubs Class Teacher - Mrs Dixon

Brown Bear Cubs Class Teacher - Mrs Brewer

Black/Brown Bear Cubs Class Teacher - Mrs Daffern

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Leonard and Mrs Cross

One-to One Support - Mrs Murphy


Year One

Team Leader - Mrs Kinnear

Rainbow Bears Class Teacher - Mrs Rigg

Paddington Bears Class Teacher - Mr Rosser

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Sadler

One-to-One Support - Mrs Eaton and Mrs Chen


Year Two

Team Leader - Mrs Kinnear

Honey Bears Class Teacher - Mrs Kinnear

Honey Bears Class Teacher - Mr Nicholas

Pooh Bears Class Teacher - Mrs Jones

Teaching Assistants - Mrs T Lee and Mrs Devlin

One-to-One Support - Miss Ballinger


Year Three

Team Leader - Mrs Kinnear

Panda Bears Class Teacher - Miss Williams

Polar Bears Class Teacher - Mrs Carr

Student Teacher - Mrs Carey

One-to-One Support - Mrs J Roberts and Mrs Chen


Year Four

Team Leader - Mr Hughes

Cinnamon Bears Class Teacher - Miss Owen

Red Panda Bears ClassTeacher - Miss Shields

HLTA - Mrs Carroll

One-to-One Support - Miss Robinson


Year Five

Team Leader - Mr Hughes

Kodiak Bears Class Teacher - Mr Chwalko

Koala Bears HLTA - Mrs Risk

HLTA - Mrs Guy

One-to-One Support - Mrs S Roberts and Mrs Green


Year Six

Team Leader - Mr Hughes

Grizzly Bears Class Teacher - Mr Hughes

Grizzly Bears Class Teacher - Mrs Mathieson

Spectacled Bears Class Teacher - Mrs Speakes

Spectacled Bears Class Teacher - Mrs Gee

HLTA - Mrs Guy

One-to-One Support - Mrs S Roberts and Mrs Green


Hearing Support Base Manager - Mrs S Roberts

Learning Mentor - Mrs Keenan


Office Staff

School Business Manager - Mr Jones

Office Manager, PA to Headteacher and Clerk to Governors - Miss Anderson

HR Administrator - Mrs Hitchmough

Administrator Assistant - Mrs Derry

Receptionist - Mrs McIlroy


Premises Team

Premises Manager - Mr Newell

Caretakers - Mr Dow and Mr Gilligan


Catering Staff

Catering Manager - Mrs Evans

Assistant Cook - Mrs Watkins

Kitchen Assistants - Miss Clarke, Ms Gregory, Mrs Vick, Mrs Skelton and Mrs Jolly


Mid-Day Staff

Mid-day Supervisor - Mr Daly

Mid-day Assistants - Mrs Williams, Miss Wardle, Miss Fairclough, Mrs Downey, Ms Dixon, Mrs Cheng, Mrs Smith, Mrs Sinfield and Mr Dickinson


TEDS Breakfast and After School Club

TEDS Manager - Mrs Black

TEDS Room Leader - Mr Daly

Playcare Workers - Mrs Martin, Mrs Main, Mrs Pennington, Mrs Smith, Miss Rossiter, Ms Parker, Mrs Martin, Mrs J Lee and Miss Revitt


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