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Summer Term

This term we are learning about 'Ourselves'.  The children will be experiencing a wide range of exciting activities. Having already: made a moving model (DT), painted a portrait, made a fruit kebab, ordered pictures of ourselves chronologically. We have been sniffer dogs and used QR codes to extend our learning in Science learning about our senses. 

In English this half term we have been learning about; information texts, instructions and recounts. We will be focusing on including the following in our writing; 2A (2 adjective) sentences, connectives (ABS: And But So), time connectives (first, next, then, after that, finally), full stops, capital letters.  We have also been learning all about Baby Crow and his adventures being kidnapped by Pirates!

In Maths we have been learning about: addition and subtraction, measuring lengths, number and place value and money. We make our Maths lessons as active and exciting as possible, we have a dedicated Active Maths lesson each week when we take part in team games and apply our skills to problem solve (usually outdoors).Please ask the children to show you how they are learning to count up in CLICKS to learn the times tables, it is amazing! Also, if you want to be entertained and energized on a weekend morning then what better way than OPERATION AEROBICS- put a fast paced song on and the children will do the rest for you!

In Science this term we have and will be learning about ourselves, about the human body, our senses, what things are good and bad for us and how we have grown.

Can we please ask that children bring in PE kits and keep them in school for the half term. Homework is given out every Friday and should be returned on a Monday. We will send home English Home Learning books with Magic Maths one week, the next will be Maths homework with Spellings books.

Please follow our class page for live updates, last year the parents LOVED being kept up to date via Twitter, particularly those who work away. Twitter allows us to keep in contact and update you about the children's learning.

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Thank you!

Mr Hughes

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