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To help support home learning whilst schools are closed we will be signposting you to resources and suggesting possible activities.  Each week we will be sending out activities via Tapestry.  Mini Mash also has some great games and activities.  If you can't remember your child's password please message me via Tapestry. 

Take care and stay safe.  Mrs Daffern smiley

Whole School Project- Monday 8th June

This week Miss Owen has a sporty challenge for us.  Try out Task 3 the Stay Home Sports Day. We'd love to see what you get up to.  

Whole School Project - Monday 1st June

This week we have a great project focussing on Design Technology and it's all about eggs.  There are lots of eggciting challenges for you to try and as always we can't wait to see what you come up with.

egg caregg cooking

Whole School Project- Monday 18th May

This week our project encourages children to think about life in the past.  There are lots of ideas and as always we would love to see what you decide to do.  

Whole School Art Project- Mon 11th May

This week the project is an Art project.  Please click on the Powerpoint for more details.  We'd love to see what you create so please post any pictures on Tapestry or email to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk


Look at Dexter's wonderful Art work.  

Whole School Project 4th May- Geography

Our project this week asks children, where they would like to visit?  For our younger children this might be a familiar place, close to home or somewhere they have previously visited on a holiday or day out.  Perhaps someone is your family has visited somewhere exciting and can share their experiences over the phone or via video call.  This is a great activity to help develop speaking and listening and developing vocabulary.  

As always we would love to here what you have been doing you can post on Tapestry or email the school office (schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk). 

Head to Tapestry for more activities

Every weekday we realease a new activity for you to try at home.  Over a week we will also bring you 2 stories and a song.  If you need any further help with learning activities please sned me a message via Tapestry.

Take care and stay safe 

Mrs Daffern

Whole School Project- Mon 27th April

This week's activity is about Stop Start Animation and we would love to see what you decide to do. Post your creations on Tapestry or send your photos to the School Office via email and I will add them to this page.

Email: schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk 

Have fun!

Mrs Daffern

Stop Motion Animation

Don't forget to check Tapestry every weekday as a new activity will be published.  There will also be new stories avaliable on Tapestry every Monday and Wednesday and a new song every Friday.  

Week beginning 20th April

Science Project

Each week we will be adding a whole school project.  This week it is all about birds.  

We would love to see the work your children complete and would like to display this on the class pages on our school website. Please send photos, drawings, writing to the school office email - schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk. Please clearly mark the subject box with your child's year group and teacher's name. If you send photographs of your child we will presume that you are happy for them to feature on the school website. If you do not want their face to appear please make this clear.

Thank you for all your posts on Tapestry.  I'm so pleased to see so many of you making bird houses and watching the birds in your garden.  

Thanks also for the photos sent via the school office.  Dexter we love the bird you created with your big brother.  The blackbird was spotted by Jenna in her garden.  Well done to everyone who took part. 

Click on the PowerPoint below to find out more

Bird project photoIMG_20200422_083314 (1)

Week 2

Sound of the week

jolly phonics g

Watch Geraldine and see if you can find anything that starts with g. https://youtu.be/P2DdC5Q6D64 

At school we enjoy singing the Jolly Phonics songs and making the action for each sound. https://youtu.be/1Qpn2839Kro 

I've also attached another home learning challenge sheet. This week continues to help children tune into sounds and explores sounds made by instruments. If you don't have any instruments you could have a go at making your own by putting some pasta or rice in an empty bottle.

Don't forget to share what you've been up to on Tapestry. We love seeing how you are keeping busy.


Counting is a really important mathematical skill. When young children count we encourage them to touch each object and say one number name at a time. Saying number names in order is easier than accurately counting. Things in a line or objects that you can move are the easiest to count. It's really important that children know that the last number, tell you how many there are in a group. After they have counted, ask them again how many there were. If they are secure with this concept they will just say the number, those who are not yet secure will recount the objects.

Counting things you can't move is harder.  Try the 'I Spy' Sheet.  Putting a circle or cross through the object as they count can be a useful strategy.

Counting things that can't be touched is even harder.  This could be sounds e.g. claps or beats of a drum or action e.g. how many times someone jumps.
Try playing Maths City1 in MiniMash.  Click on the child build with blocks.
Click on the Outdoor Activities   (Select this activity from the main Maths City 1 page).
Now choose the middle icon on the bottom row.
Can you count the skips?
 Level 1 – Numbers 1-5 • Choose a child to skip and add a number between 1 and 5 to the box. • Can you count the number of skips the child does? • They need to do the same number of skips that you have put on the box. • Did they do the same number?  How many did they do? • Do they need to try the skips again?

Story Time with Mrs Daffern

Chick picture

That's Not My Chick

Head to Tapestry to find a new story all about a Chick.

If you manage to get out for a walk you might want to take the 'Springtime Spots' sheet with you and see how many signs of Spring you can find. There is also a Spring powerpoint which you could use to talk about the season.

I've also included a game that encourages children to match mothers and their young farm animals. This is good for exploring vocabulary.

If your child is feeling creative you could create your own page for my book.


This week our sound of the week is d. Watch Geraldine (by clicking on the image to the left) and learn how to say the sound.

Can you go on a hunt around your house and garden and find anything that begins with d?

Developing children's listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment is really important. It's one of the first skills in phonics. Children need to be able to recall sounds and discriminate sounds so they are ready to read and write when they start school. I've attached a sheet with some ideas you might want to try at home.

Story Time with Mrs Daffern


Week 1

Login to your Tapestry account to see Mrs Daffern's first Storytime.  Watch the videoclip of Mrs Daffern reading a popular story about a bear that goes on a an adventure and try out some of the suggested activities.

Our story is all about a bear who goes off on an adventure. Your child might want to act out the story or pretend to go on an adventure somewhere else. Role-play is a really important skill for children. Young children love making maps so they could record their journey on some paper. You could also have a go at writing a list of what you might take. Let them draw some pictures and have a go at writing (don't worry too much about what the writing looks like. Some children will just draw lines others will make letter shapes, some may even be able to record the first sound in the word) or you can model how to write the words.
I've also attached some pictures that you could use to retell the story and a recipe. Different children will enjoy and these are just a few suggestions of what you might like to try.

Special Delivery

I've had a special delivery. Can you see what they are? I'll send you some more pictures and videos so you can watch them grow.

Check Tapestry for a video all about 5 Caterpillars. 

Perhaps you could find 5 toys and make up your own 'take away one' story.

There are also lots of fun counting songs that you could sing.

10 Green Bottles  (Look on Tapestry for a video of Mrs Hancox singing this song)

5 Little Ducks went swimming one day

5 Little Speckled frogs

10 Green Bottles

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p065rfng 

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p065rf72 


Uniform- Please ensure all items of clothing and shoes are named.  We encourage the children to be independent but occasionally they pick up the wrong jumper or coat! If it has your child's name in it, we can ensure it finds it's way back to you!

There are a collection of un-named jumpers in the lost property box in the classroom, please check the box if you are missing any items.

website shiny

Library Books- All children now have a library book.  When they are ready to swap their book they can bring it in and exchange it.  

Class Teacher:  Mrs Daffern

Early Years Practitioners:  Mrs Budworth, Mr Dickinson, Miss Fairclough, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Hancox and Miss Shaw


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