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Welcome to Black Bear Cubs

Class Teachers - Mrs MacDonald & Mrs Gee and Teaching Assistant - Miss James


Whole school science project

Find out all about Space and planet Earth! You could try learning the names of the planets in our solar system, or create some art about the Earth's seasons. You might even like to get crafty and make a model. Send us your photogrpahs and have fun! 

Space for your science project pictures!


Check tapestry and Purple Mash for this week's learning!


Whole School Music Project

There are lots of fun things to look at in this music project! Tell us about your favourite music, learn about the instruments in an ochestra or maybe even make a homemade musical instrument! Send us your photograhs! 

Freddie's disco!

Freddie listened to music that made him want to dance and jump around and music that helped him to feel relaxed. Well done Freddie! 

Freddie's disco

Don't forget to check Tapestry and Purple Mash for your daily learning


Whole school PSHE project

This week's PSHE project is all about steps that you can take to help you to feel happy. Have a look through and if you have a go at any of the suggestions, send us a photograph! 

Freddei baking

Freddie learnt how to bake bread!

Amelie R learnt how to ride her bike!

Amelie has also been improving her Spanish! She could already speak some Spanish but she has also been learning lots of new words and phrases- very impressive Amelie! 

Amelie bike.mp4

Finlay P has learnt lots of new skills

FIn has also learnt how to ride his bike, plus he's been cooking. camping and gardening! Fantastic! 

Fin cooking

Whole School RE Project

This week's RE project is all about festivals! Have a look at the power point and choose a festival that you would like to find out about. Don't forget to share some photographs! 

Finlay Pitts' RE Project

FIn did some reseach about Easter and then decide to create a poster. 

Fin's RE

Don't forget to check Tapestry and Purple Mash each day!


Whole School PE project

Here is the whole school PE project (thank you Miss Owen!) for the week beginning 6th June. Please send your photos to us VIA Tapestry or the school office email schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Thank you and have fun!

Freddie's sports day fun!

Freddie's whole family joined in with sports day - even his baby brother! Fabulous! 

Freddie sports 2
Freddie sports 1

Whole School DT project

Here is the whole school DT project for the week beginning Monday 1st June. Who will design and make a model that will keep their egg safe? It all sounds very 'egg-citing' to me! Be sure to send us your photographs! 

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 14.22.08

Fin's eggcellent home learning adventure

Well done to Fin who made an eggcellent recipe! He also designed, made and tested a parachute. Say hello to Fin's hen Snowy! 

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 14.22.20Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 14.22.36

Poppy's Pirate Island!

Poppy designed and labelled a pirate ship and created it too! She even made a palm island with a treasure chest full of jewels! Well done Poppy! 

Poppy By

Matthew's egg protecting vehicle!

Mathew's egg!

Whole School History Project

Here is the whole school History project (thank you Mr Hughes!) for next week (week beginning 18th May). Please post photos onto Tapestry- we miss you and love seeing your lovely faces and what you are up to at home! Or email projects to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Thank you and enjoy your home learning. smileyMrs MacDonald, Mrs Gee and Miss James.

Poppy Bu's history project

Here is Poppy with her WW2 vessel, she tested if it floated with Barbie in!

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.24.35Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.24.59

Fin P's history project

Fin and his brother watched quite a few films on YouTube about world war 2. They created beach landing boats then recreated the Dunkirk landings. Fin also designed a menu, drew a soldier and created a spit fire.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.45.19

Whole School Art Project for the week beginning 11th May

This week's art project is all about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Take a look at the presentation; his sculptures are really interesting. See if you can make one of your own using things from around your garden or local park/ beach and send us a photograph. 

Killian's art project

Killian walked up Bidston Hill and collected lots of interesting things to make his nature sculptures.

Killian's art 1Killian's art 2

Matthew's art project

Matthew has created a flower and a smiling reindeer after being inspired by Andy Goldsworthy! I think they are fantastic Matthew! 

matthew flowerMatthew rudolphMatthew and Isabelle

Evie's art project

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 15.35.14

Finlay P's art project

After looking at the Andy Goldsworthy project, Fin was inspired to use nature to create his Stick Man. 

Fin's artFin

Amelie R's art project


Amelie R's stone tower- fantastic!

Alfie (1)

Alfie made lava for his volcano!

Whole school project for the week beginning 4th April 

Next week the project is Geography, 'Where in the World?'

Please logon to Tapestry to view this week's task. We'd love to hear from you all so please post!

Freddie's Geography project!

Freddie had a book about different homes around the world. He chose to look at Turkey. Have a look at his poster! 

Freddie's geography(1)

Amelie H's Geography project!

Amelie decide that she'd like to explore New York city! Have a look at her super project. Well done Amelie! smileyheart

Amelie's Geography Project(3)

Evie did some research about the Islands around Hawaii!


Finlay Pitt's project

Fin decided to look and Mount Fuji and made this amazing model! Well done Fin! 


Killian's Map of the World

Killian would like to go to Australia to see the Koala bears, sharks and kangaroos! 


***** Friday 19th June 2020 ***** This week's Super Star home learners are:

smiley Evie and Killian for all of the amazing things that they have shared on Tapestry! smiley


yes Freddie for having a go at this week's whole school PE challenge!yes 

***** Friday 12th June 2020 ***** This week's Super Star home learners are:

smiley Evie and Killian for all of the amazing things that they have shared on Tapestry! smiley


yes Freddie for having a go at this week's whole school PE challenge!yes 


***** Friday 5th June 2020 ***** This week's Super Star home learners are:

smiley Fin and Matthew for all of the amazing things they have shared on Tapestry! smiley


yes Alfie and Oliver for Purple Mash activities! yes 

***** Friday 22nd May 2020 ***** This week's Super Star home learners are:

smiley Alfie and Evie for all of the amazing things they have shared on Tapestry! smiley


yes Ava and Matthew for Purple Mash activities! yes 


***** Friday 15th May 2020 ***** This week's Super Star home learners are:

smiley Amelie R for all of the amazing work that she has shared on Tapestry! smiley


yes Declan, Bella and Oliver for Purple Mash activities! yes 


**** Friday 8th May 2020 ***** This week's Super Star home learners are:

smiley Freddie and Finlay P for all of the amazing work that they have shared on Tapestry! (and Purple Mash!)  smiley


yes Louis Killian, Ava and  Poppy Burns for completeing so many Purple Mash activities! yes

***** Friday 1st May 2020 ***** This week's Super Star home learners are:

smiley Matthew and Heath for all of the amazing work that they have shared on Tapestry! smiley


yes Alfie and Amelie H for Purple Mash activities! yes

Friday 1st May 2020

Scroll down to take a look at Louis's and Fin P's amazing computer animations! 

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Don't forget to scroll down past the photographs and have a look at this week's Computing project- 'Stop motion animation' ! Matthew had a go at making his very own thaumatrope! (See photograph below) If you're not sure what it is, have a look at the power point- they are lots of fun to make! 

Monday 27th April 2020

Hello Black Bear cubs! I hope you have enjoyed some sunshine this weekend? 

There is a Phonics and maths task for you to do on Purple Mash today. We've also added another story on Tapestry called 'Not last night but the night before' by Colin McNaughton. 

If you scroll right down this class page, past the robot pictures, you will find a computer project about 'motion animation' attached. There are some really fun activites on there that you could try at home! Don't forget to post some pictures and have fun! 

NEW! Daily Phonics smiley

Starting Monday 27th April, your children will be able to access daily phonics lessons through letters and sounds which is the scheme that we use at Townfield.

The online lessons are designed to follow the phonics programme your child has been learning at school and have been approved and funded by the Department for Education. 

These lessons will be added daily between 10 and 11 am daily and will remain on the site to be used throughout Summer term.

The lessons are accessed via the Letter and Sounds youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw/

The videos can be accessed at any time after they have been uploaded; a new lesson will be added daily between 10 and 11am. 

When accessing lessons, you should select 'Year group your child is in and  Summer Term'

****************   24- 4-20- This week's Super Star home learners are:-   *****************

smiley Poppy Bycroft and Freddie Colling for all of the amazing work that they have shared on tapestry and for their fabulous robots! smiley


yes Finlay Pitts and Amelie Roberts for the Purple Mash activities that they have both completed and improved! yes

Easter holiday star:- An extra special mention goes to Poppy Burns for all of the work she posted about over the Easter holidays and for being so brave with her fractured elbow! 

It was so hard to choose again as so many children have been posting such amazing work! Thank you again to parents for sharing and supporting! 

We will choose more stars again next week. Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe! 


Scroll down to see Freddie, Louis' and Poppy Bycroft's fantastic robots! They listened to the story 'No-bot the Robot with no bottom' which was posted on tapestry, and then created these super robots! 

****************   2-4-20- This week's Super Star home learners are:-*******************

smileyAva Lamen and Killian Murphysmiley  For all of the amazing work and posts that they have shared on Tapestry!


yesEvie Waites and Declan Birchall yes For Purple Mash tasks completed! 

It was so hard to choose as there have been so many lovely posts shared this week. We will choose more stars next week. 

Thank you to all parents for sharing and supporting! We miss you all so much Black Bears! 



Hello Black Bear cubs and families!

We hope you are all well and have had a lovely Easter, safe at home. 

-From today (Monday 20th April) we will be posting both English and maths activities every day, so please check both Tapestry and Purple Mash. We understand that many parents are trying to juggle working from home, so please just complete whatever you can.  

-We will also be sharing some stories with you on Tapestry. We hope that you will enjoy them! 

-Our science coordinator, Mr Rosser, has created a science project about birds for you to look at (Attached below). We are looking forward to seeing some photographs of any activities that you complete! Don't forget we will be sharing our new 'home learning stars of the week' with you on Friday! smileyyes

Parents- we have also shared a video on Tapestry with guidance on how to sup port your child with their writing. There will also be a weekly video to inform you of our maths focus for the week. 

Take care everyone! 

Love Mrs Gee, Mrs MacDonald and Miss James 


Hello! Welcome to Black Bear cub’s class page. If you have any questions about any of the information given on this page please see Mrs Gee (Monday, Tuesday) or Mrs MacDonald (Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday).

Important information

  • Please send your child into school with their reading wallet everyday.
  • Read with your child at least 3 times a week.  Books will be changed on a Monday and Wednesday if reading logs have been signed 3 times.
  • Home learning will be given out on a Monday.
  • Please upload a picture of your child completing home learning on Tapestry.
  • Please complete the number of the week suggested activities at home.
  • Upload home news to Tapestry.  The children love sharing and talking about their news with their friends in class!
  • PE takes place on a Wednesday morning.

Thank you for your continued support and here are some other key ways you can help from home:

  • Encourage correct letter formation using the number formation rhymes.
  • Reinforce phonics sounds when your child is reading or writing or play games to spot sounds when out and about!

Phonics Play website contains lots of games to support your child’s phonics development at home:


Topmarks website contains lots of fun maths games to support your child’s understanding of number and shape, space and measure:



Freddie' RobotPoppy's robotLouis's RobotMatthew's thaumatrope

Special Events

  • Our new  focus book in Literacy is 'The Something'. It's about a boy who discovers a hole in his garden and tries to work out what, or who, might be down there! F2 children will also be discovering a hole in the forest area; we will use our imaginations to think about why it might be there. We will also be exploring animlas that live underground.
  • Our number of the week is number 12.  The children have been exploring different ways of making 12 and we have introduced a clock face. We have looked at how long a minute lasts. 
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