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Welcome to Brown Bear Cubs


Class Teacher - Mrs Evans & Teaching Assistant - Mrs Whitehead


This week's Super Star home learners are:-

smiley Phoebe, Otto and  Eden smileyfor all of the amazing work and posts that they have shared on Tapestry!  

There have been so many fantastic posts on Tapestry this week. We love seeing pictures and videos of all of the fabulous home activities that you have been completing.  We are very proud of you all!

Thank you to all parents for sharing and your continued support! We are aware that in these strange and worrying times you may be working full time or have other children at home.  You are doing an amazing job! 

Please check Tapestry each day for home learning!

Covid 19 Home Learning

Literacy and Maths home learning will be posted on purplemash on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Literacy and Maths home learning will be put on Tapestry on a Tuesday and Friday.

We will also be sharing story on Tapestry three times a week.

We have shared a video on Tapestry with guidance on how to support your child when writing at home.  There will also be a weekly video to inform you of our maths focus for the week. 

Don't forget to stay in touch on Tapestry! We love to read and see pictures of what you've been up to at home!

Daily Phonics

Starting Monday 27th April, your children will be able to access daily phonics lessons through letters and sounds which is the scheme that we use at Townfield.

The online lessons are designed to follow the phonics programme your child has been learning at school and have been approved and funded by the Department for Education. 

These lessons will be added daily between 10 and 11 am daily and will remain on the site to be used throughout Summer term.

The lessons are accessed via the Letter and Sounds youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw/

The videos can be accessed at any time after they have been uploaded; a new lesson will be added daily between 10 and 11am. Feel free to amend your home timetable as appropriate to fit this in. 

When accessing lessons, you should select 'Year group your child is in and  Summer Term'

Music Project

There are lots of fun things to look at in this music project! Tell us about your favourite music, learn about the instruments in an orchestra or maybe even make a homemade musical instrument! 

Finley enjoyed making his own trumpet!


Exciting work to come!

Brown Bears work displayed here.

Exciting work to come!

Brown Bears work displayed here.

PE Project

I am so proud of the Brown Bears! It has been fantastic to see so many of you taking part by completing different sporting challenges.

Phoebe has completed a P.E challenge and written instructions to tell everybody how she did it.  Well done Phoebe! 

Jakob decided to show everyone how to do a seat drop and stand straight back up.  We are very impressed Jakob!

Archie wanted to show everybody how to do an egg roll - your instructions are brilliant Archie!

Ella set up lots of different creative sports day activities in her garden.  You looked like you had so much fun Ella! Well done!

Finley has done lots of challanges.  You can see him riding his bike in the park.  Fantastic Finley!


RE Project

This week's whole school project is all about different religious festivals!  

Finley chose to research his favourite festival -Easter.  Well done Finley!


PSHE Project

This week's whole school project is all about ways that we can look after our wellbeing.  The mindfulness activities are fantastic! 

Finley wrote a letter to his Nanny and thought about what makes him happy - Monster trucks and the beach!  The beach makes me happy too Finley!


Art Project

This project is based around the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  His sculpture and photography pieces are nature based.  

Ella has created a stone sculpure with her big brother - it looks fantastic!

Phoebe used natural objects that she found in her local area to create her art piece.  We love the way you have combined different materials!

Belle created a pizza slice using leaves and flowers for the cheese and pepperoni toppings!  Brilliant! 

Lewis created a huge art piece with natural materials in his back garden.  Well done Lewis!

Archie and his sister created a rainbow with a very special message.

Ella1Ella2Phoebe 1Phoebe2Belle1Belle2Lewis1artarchieart

History Project

Ella made some scones with her brother using a ration recipe - they look really tasty!

Finley visited the war memorial in Hamilton Square and spent time researching WW2.


DT Project

Phoebe created a zip line to safely transport her egg.  Brilliant design Phoebe!

Finley designed an energy dissipating frame to protect his egg.  His egg didn't break even when he threw it! What a well thought out design!

Ella designed a parachute and a car to transport her egg without breaking it - well done Ella!

Jakob made scrambled eggs with sausages for his lunch.  Looks delicious Jakob!

Archie has been very busy!  He created a tree using scrambled eggs and constructed a car to safely transport his egg.  He also cut a hole in a sponge to store an egg safely inside - fantastic Archie!

Hattie and her big sister constructed a k-nex car to transport their egg - great teamwork girls!  Then Hattie made a face using scrambled eggs.

Phoebe zipwire.mp4Finley.mp4Ella car.mp4JakobArchie1Archie2Archie3archie4Hattie2.mp4Hattie1Hattie3(1)

Geography Project

Jakob decided that he would like to go to the Maldives!  Mummy said that she better start saving! He has thought about how long it would take to get there and what he would pack.

Phoebe has used various resources to create Iceland.  Fantastic Phoebe!

Marco and his brother created a jungle scene featuring all of the animals and reptiles that live there.  Well done Boys!

Finley made a powerpoint about his (and my!) favourite country - Canada! Finley knows alot about Canada because his family lives there and he has visited lots of times.  It was very interesting to read Finley!


Computer Project

Wow!  We have really enjoyed seeing your computer project activities! 

Well done to Finley Rowland who made a super stop motion animation called 'Lego Man'. We think that it is fantastic!

Lewis Woods created a fantastic stop motion animation featuring a rocket! We really enjoyed watching it and can tell that you put lots of hard work and effort into it!


Science Project

Brown Bears have been busy at home making bird houses and feeders, writing facts about birds and even creating their own imaginary birds!

20200424_113518 (1)image0 (1)Daisy(1)

Important information

  • Please send your child into school with their reading wallet everyday.
  • Read with your child each night.  Books will be changed when reading logs have been signed three times.
  • Please upload a picture of your child completing home learning on Tapestry.
  • Please complete the number of the week suggested activities at home.
  • Upload home news to Tapestry.  The children love sharing and talking about their news with their friends in class!

Thank you for your continued support and here are some other key ways you can help from home:

  • Encourage correct letter formation using the formation rhymes.
  • Reinforce phonics sounds when your child is reading or writing or play games to spot sounds when out and about!

Phonics Play website contains lots of games to support your child’s phonics development at home:


Topmarks website contains lots of fun maths games to support your child’s understanding of number and shape, space and measure:


Purple Mash is a fantastic app that offers learning opportunities accross the curriculum.  Your child has their own log in and password so that they can access purple mash at home.  Details of this have been put in the front of their reading logs.


  • Our new  focus book in Literacy is 'The Something'. It's about a boy who discovers a hole in his garden and tries to work out what, or who, might be down there! F2 children will also be discovering a hole in the forest area; we will use our imaginations to think about why it might be there. We will also be exploring animals that live underground.
  • Our number of the week is number 13.  The children will be exploring different ways of making 13.  We will also be exploring coin value and ways in which we could make 13p.
  • This week is Science week and in the afternoons we will be looking at how diverese our world is. We will focus on the diverstiy of colour around us, people and wildlife. 



The Brown Bears enjoyed World Book Day!



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