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Welcome to Rainbow Bears!


Here you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work.

Please visit again soon to follow our learning journey through the year. 

Our class teacher is Mrs Carey

Our Teaching  Assistants are:

Mrs Sadler  (Monday - Thursday)

 Kathryn Whitty (Friday)

PPA cover - Lisa Carroll (Wednesday morning)




A HUGE well done to those of you who have been using Purple Mash. I have noticed more and more of you are completing tasks each day so well done to you. I am especially pleased to see that some of you are responding to my comments and making suggested ammendments to your tasks.I feel extremely proud of the fantastic learning attitides being displayed.

Top Purple Mash users this week so far are; Toby, Sophie and Nate.

It would be lovely for you to be sharing your work with eachother on our class blog. Please see the following instructions on how to do this;

click on the share button and this will take you to another screen containing a link called 'Blog about your work' You can click onto this tab and you will be presented with a choice of places to share your work eg; Rainbow Bears checkin, or if you have created your own blog page, you can save it into there. Good luck and I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful pieces of wor, art, stories, photographs etc.

Having set up our class blog, It has been fantastic interacting with those of you who have sent messages so far (Toby, Sophie and Swaran).  

As this month is National Pet Month, I am going to set a project on Purple Mash for you to complete. You can choose any pet that you like. please see below for details of project if you are unable to access Purple Mash





1.4.20  I have today, set up a class blog on Purple Mash. You will need to login to Purple Mash and click onto the SHARING icon at the top of the page. This fantastic programme will enable you to share your work, photographs, stories or communicate with your teachers by commenting on the set blogs.

To create your own blog, you need to click on the home button, then the tools button, you will see a '2blog' icon on the right hand side of the screen, you click on this and follow the instruction on the how to video. Good luck. I look forward to reading your comments and seeing your creations.


Hello there Rainbow Bears, I hope that you are all keeping safe and are feeling well. The weather has not been as warm this week but I do hope that you are all still managing to have fun in the garden. I wonder if any of you have been on any scavenger hunts? You could try this one?  Find and collect the following;

5 leaves that look different

A stick that is longer than your hand

A rock with spots on it

A flat rock

A flower

10 blades of grass

something you love to play with

A recyclable object

Something that is heavy

Something that is brown

Something that is very light

Something that needs sun to live

An item smaller than your thumb

An item that starts with the letter M

Something that smell good.


Once you have colected all of the above objects, make sure to put them all back where you found them, wash your hands and go and enjoy a tasty snack!

Purple Mash

I have set lots of maths and english tasks for you all to complete this week, I hope you are ready and raring to go? Nate and Daisy managed to finish the most tasks last week, closely followed by Seamus, Lilly H and George - a special well done to you guys!  

I have also set you a spelling task that you can access on a daily basis, please try your best to do this every day, that way, you can challenge yourselves to beat your score each time. Good luck!


For those of you who have not yet received your school reports, pleaes accept our apologies, I found them in a folder in the school office on Monday. I can assure you that these have now been posted to you.



pic 3(1)

pic 4




A history project (2)



Well done to those of you who have been accessing the set tasks on Purple Mash. I am very happy to see so many of completing thses. Thank you so much to both parents and children for maintaining such fantastic learning attitudes during this time. 

These tasks are tailored specifically to compliment the recent learning that has been taking place within the classroom. They are set to keep your brain active and help you to continue with your learning whilst away from school. I will be looking at your completed tasks and will mark them with a comment, so please look out for these. 

PLEASE make sure you save your completed tasks and hand them in on the 2Do 'Hand in' tab. 

I am in the process of trying to set up a class blog so that we can keep intouch with eachother too. Again please look out for this.




Please ensure that you continue to practice all of the phonics sounds and common exception words below.


phase 3

phase 55







Thursday 5th March  - World Book Day

Children all across the school wil be coming to school dressed as their favourite book character (if you have it). Please can the children bring in the accompanying book for their character so that they can read it with a friend?


Thursday 19th March,

There will be a World Poetry Day across the school. Every class will be choosing a poem and reciting it by heart to the rest of the school.  Please help your child to learn their poem when they bring it home.


Wednesady 25th March - Chester Zoo Visit    CANCELLED

As part of our Habitats topic, we will be going on a trip to Chester Zoo to explore all of the animals and their habitats. We will be paying close attention to the penguins and the camels as we have been exploring their habitats and how these animals have adapted to best suit their extreme environments. Please ensure that your son/daughter is dressed in their school uniform and brings with them a warm, waterproof  coat with a hood and a drink. Packed lunches will be provided by the school kitchen. 


Friday 20th  March (SAT 21st) - Down's Syndrome Day - 

Today the children wore odd socks to celebrate National Down's Syndrome day, we all designed our very own pair of odd socks as part of a competition - Oh what fun we had!




School Closure

Whilst school is closed, we would like to encourage children to continue with their learning at home, this can be done in a number of exciting ways. Please find below, a copy of suggested ideas that children (who are in school) will be bringing home.

Please see the suggested activities by clicking onto the documents below. Included in these documents is a list of some familiar songs to aid children's learning.

Please continue to use Purple Mash as I will be regularly allocating learning tasks for your children to complete.


Click on the pictures below to be taken directly to these websites.

All Phonics Play content is free whilst schools are closed.

If you can not access content due to needing Flash Player on ipads then please download the 'Puffin Browser' APP. This browser will play Flash Player.


phonics bloom title

Image result for oford owlPlease click on the link below to access

an plethora of fantastic, free ebooks to

share together.




Important Information



Indoor P.E. is on Friday- Kit; black pumps, black shorts and a Townfield t.shirt

Outdoor P.E. is on Tuesday. – Kit; joggers and a jumper (trainers optional)

P.E. kits should remain in school all week.


Home Learning

  • Homework is given out every Friday and is due to be handed in on the following Tuesday
  • Each week there will either be a Maths or English tasks that is linked to learning that we will have been doing in class that week.


Spellings and Magic Maths

  • New Spellings and Magic maths will be given out every 2 weeks on a Friday.
  • Children will be tested on their spellings and Magic Maths every Friday (second test will be to beat last week’s score!)


  • Please read with your child every night and bring their book to school every day.  
  • Books will be changed once they have read 3 times at home.


Thank you for your continued support  Here are some other key ways you can help from home:

- Focus on letter formation and basic punctuation when completing homework.

- Reinforcing phonics sounds during homework or play games to spot sounds when out and about!


This our Brand New School online learning platform. Here the children can access all of the national curriculum subjects in oreder to enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills for every subject they are learning in school.




Christmas with the Rainbow Bears

We have been busy getting ready for the festivities this year, by following our tradition of making classroom decorations. This year we made wreaths! 

we had a visit from Father Christmas at he Christmas fayre


Year 1Christmas Production

christmas with the aliens


Our English writing is based around the book Paper Planes by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones. It is based on the story of two best friends;   


Mia and Ben are the very best of friends. They live side by side at the edge of a great, wide lake and together they sail, and swing, and sing. But the thing they love the most is making paper planes. They dream of one day being able to make a plane that will fly all the way across the lake, and their planes become more and more intricate... 
But one day: terrible news. Ben's family are moving far, far away. How can Mia and Ben stay best friends if they are so far apart? And how will they ever realise their dream of making a plane that can fly across their lake?

We have been writing questions for the characters;

         Why did Ben have to move house?                       How old are you?                          When will you come back? 

We thought of some similes for 'sad' 

               devastated, upset,                               emotional, distraught               and flying

soaring, skimming, gliding, hovering.

We have even created our own poems using all of our newly leaned vocabulary;

The plane climed throyugh the fluffy clouds, soaring, gliding, shooting! written by Lilliy Johnston


Year 1 learn and practise Phonics through fun-filled, stimulating activities on a daily basis.

Year 1 phonics screening will take place in June 2020.

Here are some useful sites to help you prepare at home:

images(1)phonics bloom title


We have been having lots of fun  exploring  2D and 3d shapes.

We have learned the names and properties of some common 2D shapes and used these to create 2D shape pictures.


We moved on to exploring the names and properties of 3D shapes. We sorted the shapes according to their properties and built some 3D models by looking closely at the shape's suitability. Here is a number of snapshots of our fun, active activities. 



This term we have been exploring the features of of different types of animals including; fish, amphibiams, reptiles, mammals and birds. The children have studied and discussed the variety of physical features that each type of animal posses and sorted them according to the features. 


In R.E this term we have been learning all about how we use our hands to pray, communicate and treat others.

We studied the importance of using kind hands and how this is important in helping each other out.

the children have had lots of fun using their hands to communicate through gesture and British Sign Language as can be seen below;

Music with the Rainbow Bears

Can you identify and keep to a beat?

Can you respond to pitch and tone?

Can you learn a new song that 

We have been using claves to respond to and keep to a beat.



Spring Term 

Insert content here



Over the few two weeks we have been studying the work of a once famous Pop Artist called Andy Warhol. First the children used their Ipads to look at his biography, from this we discuused what we know about him and the features of his work; 

Andy Warhol

We then used our Ipads to take some portraits of our friends and had a go at taking self-portrait photographs (selfies) raedy for us to sketch our own self portraits using different strokes and pressures to create mood. We used mirrors to look closely at the size, shape, location and proportions of our features

sketched portrait

This week the children have used a varity of media both explore colours, we have been exploring warm and cold colours, mood, tone and shade and which of the colours compliment each other well using contrasting colours, shade, pressure and brush strokes. TWe then used our experiments  to choose a final 4 complimentary colour for our backgrounds as can be seen below.

Next week we ill be using our digital portraits to complete our own Andy Warhol style Pop Art! 

Insert content here

exploring colourbackgrounds


Over the summer term, year 1 have been studying both Queen Elizabeth II and Healthy eating. We recieved a letter from Buckingham Palace asking if we could help design some new crown jewels as the Queen was feeling somewhat fed up with her current jewels. We studied crowns, orbs and septres. Then we chose one piece to design, we sketched, labelled, constructed and evaluated them.

Mrs carey sent some pgotographs of our crown jewls to the palace and the Queen is yet to choose her favourites!

Queen Elizabeth II


Mollie made an orb


Blake created a sceptre


Mia created a crown!

Healthy Eating

We explored and sorted a variety of fruits and vegetables; making some surprising discoveries along the way

 Did you know?

A tomato, peppers and cucumbers are actually FRUITS???  This is because "they have seeds/pips inside" - Jackson Burns.

we chose our favourite fruits to sketch, label, make and evaluate a fruit kebab. we needed to consider lots of elements such as size, shape, colour, texture and repeating patterns. We learned all about kepping safe whilst handling foods and cutting utensils.



Our English lessons this term are based around the book 'Where The Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. It is about a boy called Max who puts on a wolf suit and makes mischief of one kind and another, so his mother calls him 'Wild Thing' and sends him to bed without his supper.

That night a forest begins to grow in Max's room and an ocean rushes by with a boat to take Max to the place where the wild things are.

Max tames the wild things and crowns himself as their king, and then the wild rumpus begins!

But when Max has sent the monsters to bed, and everything is quiet, he starts to feel lonely and realises it is time to sail home to the place where someone loves him best of all.

The children have been exploring adjectives and 2A noun phrases for both the characters and the scenery, and have been using conjunctions such as; and, but, because, also, so and until to extend their sentences ready for re-writing the story in their own words.

We explored a variety of versions of Where the Wild Things Are; such as Sharp Teeth Sid and Layla and The Giants. The children reenacted these stories through writing, verbal retelling and role play.

Layla and the giants

This week we have been creating our very own Wild Thing! (Nose Picker, Neck Bender, Claw Scratcher, Horn Poker). We have explore how they would move, what they would eat, their likes and dislikes and describing what they look like. Using all of our ideas, we have written our very own non-chronological report! Here is an example below

writng a non chron report


This week Rainbow Bears have been exploring 2D shapes using a variety of resources. We have been using language such as properties, sides, corners, curces, straight and equal. We have used this vocabulary to describe the shapes to our friends before making them. See below;



During science week we have been conducting lots of exciting experiments such as creating a rain cloud,


A rainbow in a glass;



We even explored different materials to find out which would be most suitable for an insulated coat for a visit to the Antarctica. We poured warm water into a variety of bottles and wrapped each one with a different material and placed them into the freezer (the Antarctica). We made our own predictions regarding which material would keep the water warter warmest. After 1 hour, we took the temperatures of each bottle and discovered that the plastic bag was the best insulator. From this we moved on to designing our very own coat that would be suitable to wear in the Antarctica!  What fun we have had!




Please click on the link below to find out all about our exciting trip to the museum of Liverpool where we had lots of fun exploring toys through time.

Today we had a visit from some of our parents and grandparents. They brought along some of their toys from when they were around our age. In order to find out more about their toys, we preperared some questions prior to this visit, we generated some questions ready to hot seat each visitor.

"How old is your toy?" Lilly 

"Why is it your favourite toy?" Brooke

"Who got it for you?" Toby

"What can your toy do?" Darley

Once our visitors arrived, they showed us their toy and told us lots about them, we asked our questions and then we were very lucky because we had the opportunity to play with the toys and ask more questions in small groups.

"WOW! That is SO SO COOL!"  Mikey

Look at the fun we had!

parents toys

In our DT lessons we have designes, made, and evaluted a garment suitable for our very own toy! First we explored different materials and their properties, this enabled us to choose the material that we liked best for our garment. We then had to look at some designs and sketches of garments and use these ideas to design our own, from our design we used our chosen materials to actually make a garment to fit our toy. For this we needed to measure the amount of material to ensure that it would fit. Once we had made our garment, we went on to evaluate whether we had chosen a suitable material. Some of us found cutting felt quite tricky, others realised that tin foil was not robust enough for a garment as it kept ripping and other found that the fabric was just right although still tricky to cut.



Chinese New Year

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year! We discovered that we were all born in the year of the goat and others in the year of the horse. We explored chinese writing, we role-played the story of Chinese New Year, we play 'Chopstick Challenge' where we had to race to transfer as many piecec of pasta from one plate to another USING CHOPSTICKS!!! This was NOT easy! We also tasted a variety of different chinese foods including; egg fried rice, prawn crackers, noodles, soy sauce, spring rolls and even sweet chilli sauce.

chinese food tastingchopstick challenge


We have been learning all about the Holi festival. Holi is a colourful celebration. It is also called 'The festival of colours' and people celebrate by throwing colourfed powder and dye around in an atmosphere of good humour and fun. Holi is seen by some as the Hindu festival that is nearest in spirit to St. Valentines Day.  

We had great fun creating Holi style pain throwing in the playground (although we were careful not to throw any on eachother).

Holi painting


Our PE topic this term has been DANCE. We have been exploring how jungle animals move and interepting their movemnts through dance. We have been exploring how they sleep, wake, walk, hunt, eat and play. First we explored all of the actions and then we put them all togogether in a short routine. Once we had mastered this, we added a beat then some music. We then performed our dances in our groups to the rest of the class.

Some of us were ELEPHANTS, some were GIRAFFES, some were TIGERS and the rest were CHIMPS. Have a look and see if you can spot the animal behaviours in our photographs below!



Our Rainbow Bears are always helping eachother out, as we are all still learning to tie our ties, fasten our buttons, tie our shoe laces ect; some of us still need a bit of help and there is always a team mate waiting to offer their assistance.


World Book Day

During World Book Day, we celebrated by dressing us as our favourite book character, we even brough the book that our character is in to share with our friends.

world book day picolage

We have even been taking turns at choosing a book to read to the whole class!

IMG_1349nate reading to class

Check out our new reading area

It is not quite finished yet as it requires some soft furnishing to make it more comfortable.

We are really enjoying going in to the reading area when we have some free time (sometimes this is when we have finished our learning to the best of our ability)

We have been reading books written by Roald Dahl.  Mrs Carey has a collection of Roald Dahl books that we are all enjoying reading in our new area. We have just completed George's Marvelous Medicine as a class and we are now in the middle of readingThe Twits! 

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