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Welcome to Year 2 Honey Bears

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Simmons.   

Our TAs are Mrs Roberts (Monday to Wednesday) and Miss Eaton (Thursday and Friday).


Well done to Ava who is the first Honey Bear to post on our class blog on Purple Mash.

A HUGE shoutout goes to Sophie-Ellen and Jeevan who have completed the most home learning tasks on Purple Mash this week.  They were closely followed by Austin, Lydia, Matthew, Ava, Dougie and Rosie.  Well done to you all.

Well done also to all the other Honey Bears who have also been completing their home learning tasks on Purple Mash.  I wonder whose names we'll see on the class page next week?

**Click on the link below to visit our online learning platform, Purple Mash.  As well as completing exciting online learning tasks set by Mrs Simmons, you can also visit Honey Bears' Class Blog where you can upload pictures of home learning and activities that you've completed and let your friends know what you've been doing while school has been closed. You will need to login to Purple Mash and then click onto the 'SHARING' icon at the top of the page.  To create your own blog, you need to click on the home button, then the tools button, you will see a '2blog' icon on the right hand side of the screen, you click on this and follow the instruction on the 'How to' video. 

Happy blogging Honey Bears!

                                                                                *FREE ebooks for you to read.  Just click on the link below!*






Click on the book cover to start listening to the first                             White Rose Maths have kindly prepared a series of 5 

two chapters of 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Blyton.                  maths lessons a week for each year group for the next 

The story is narrated so all you have to do is sit                                     few weeks. Each lesson comes with a short video to show

back, listen and imagine yourself as one of the                                      you how to help your child to successfully complete the 

lucky chraracters.                                                                                           activity.  Click below to go to the Year 2 lessons.












Please log on to Purple Mash as tasks will be set on there for your child to complete each week. Your child should have come home with their Purple Mash and Times Tables Rock Stars login details. For those children of families who were self-isolating during the last week, the login details should be enclosed with their school report. 
Please also try to build some other home learning opportunities into your daily routines; involve your children in practical activities around the house when possible, for example reading scales and comparing quantities when preparing food, telling the time, counting and recognising money etc. Help them to build life skills like tying shoe laces, tying their school tie, fastening their shirt buttons etc.
There are also some fun educational links provided below and a word document (below 'Important Information' as I couldn't work out how to move it further up as it wouldn't drag  indecision) with educational ideas for keeping your child occupied.  This document also contains a link to games and activities on BBC Bitesize that your child will enjoy. 

24.3.2020 - I am very pleased to see so many children completing the learning I have set for them on Purple Mash.   I just want to say thank you to the children for maintaining their excellent learning attitudes and thank you also to parents for your continued support at this time.

25.3.2020 - What a beautiful, warm Spring day it is!  I hope you've all managed to spend a lot of time outside playing in this wonderful weather we're having.  I've set a few more activities for you all on Purple Mash (I set quite a lot yesterday too you'll be pleased to know smiley).  I don't expect you to do them all straight away and I don't want you spending too long in front of a screen either.  They should easily see you all through next week and over Easter.  I will keep checking to see who has completed the learning and I can leave comments for you to read.  Thank you for the lovely messages and voice messages that you left me.  It made me very happy to read and hear them heart

27.3.2020 - Thank you so much to those Honey Bears who are completing the learning that I have been setting on Purple Mash, it's a really lovely surprise to see just how many of you are completing your learning on a daily basis and the messages I've been receiving from some of you really brighten my day.  It's been a little bit colder today although still beautiful and sunny with a clear, blue sky.  I had to come inside though as I was getting a bit chilly sitting in my garden.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

30.3.2020 - I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.  What a pity the sun isn't about at the moment like it was last week.  I've had to put my heating back on becasue it's cold again even though it's almost April.  I've just been looking on Purple Mash and was delighted to see so many of you are completing your learning.  I hope you're enjoying the tasks that I have been setting for you all laugh.

1.4.2020 - Did any of you manage to prank any of your family with an April Fools?  My step-daughter Liv pranked us by getting up at 2am and going downstairs and changing everything in the kitchen cupboards and drawers around.  I was very confused when I went down to get my breakfast and make a cup of tea.  Today I have set up a blog for our class on Purple Mash.  On the blog you can upload photos of home learning and other activities that you've completed during your time off school.  You can also comment on what your friends post.  I'm excited to see what you've all been getting up to.  Happy blogging Honey Bears!

Important Information:

  • P.E is Monday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor). From October half term to Easter, please also ensure you child has an outdoor kit (burgundy joggers and burgundy jumper).
  • Homework will go out to some children on a Monday and is due in by Friday.  Homework will be set on a needs basis for that particular week.
  • Spellings go out on a Monday and are tested on a Friday.
  • Reading books are changed daily. Please read every night with your child.
  • Golden Tie Assembly for KS1 is now every Thursday at 9am in the School hall.  Mrs Loftus will present a golden tie to a child from each class who has displayed the 3 TPS traits of respect, responsibility and resilience during the preceding school days.
  • Year 2 Achievement Assembly is every Friday at 3pm.  If your child has any medals and/or certificates that they've earned that week, please encourage them to bring them in to showcase to all the children in Year 2.

How to help at home:

  • Please practise 2,5 and 10 times tables in the first instance and then move onto 3 and 4 times tables.  Playing times tables CDs in the car is a good way of helping your child to learn their times tables.
  • Please help your child to practise spelling the Year 1/2 common exception words below.  These were handed out in September but if you would like another copy please ask Mrs Simmons.

  • Please challenge your child to complete Times Table Rock Stars on a device at home as often as possible.  Children should have their login details for TTRS in their reading record books.  Please see Mrs Simmons if you are unable to find it.

Helpful websites:





Benefits of encouraging your child to read at home:

  • Reading promotes progression and achievement across the entire curriculum, not just English.
  • Reading improves vocabulary and language skills.  Children learn new words as they read. Subconsciously, they absorb information on how to structure sentences and how to use words and other langauge features effectively in their writing and speaking.
  • Reading regularly helps to improve spelling ability.
  • Reading helps to develop a child's imagination which in turn promotes creativity.
  • Reading helps a child develop empathy with characters.
  • Reading helps to increase general knowledge as children read about the world around them.
  • Reading exercises the brain and helps to build new connections in a child's brain far more than watching TV or playing on a games console.
  • Reading is fun and is a great way for you to spend quality time with your child.



Now the children have completed their return narratives, we will be moving on to looking at non-chronological reports based on the animals that Syd and Grandad encountered on the island.  Tallulah the Toucan delivered a letter to us  from Grandad asking us to research all the different animals on his island and then write our own non-chronological report about one of the animals including a description of their appearance, their habitat, their diet and some other fascinating facts about the animal we chose to research. 
We brainstormed ideas for animals that live in tropical rainforests - orangutans, jaguars, leopards, poisonous dart frogs, boa constrictors, macaws, toucans, gorillas, sloths and many more. We then chose an animal that we could research. 


This week we will be looking at fractions again .  We know that a fraction is part of a whole.

We are starting starting the week with finding fractions of shapes then moving on to fractions of arrays and fractions of numbers.

Topic: Fighting Fit

Since we returned to school after Christmas, Year 2 have been learning all about Florence Nightingale, why she is a significant person, the role she played in changing nursing practices and how she helped soldiers during the Crimean War.  Before February half term, our Topic lessons had a History and Geography focus where we learned about Florence Nightingale's life and her role in the Crimean War.  We also learned the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans as well as looking at the route Florence Nightingale took to her hospital in Scutari, Turkey and how Scutari (now called Uskudar) compares to the Wirral. 

This half term, our Topic lessons are going to have an Art and DT focus.  As Florence Nightingale was known as 'The Lady of the Lamp', over the next few weeks we will be working collaboratively to create our own lanterns using withies and wet strength tissue paper. 

This involved looking at different designs for lanterns from around the world and practising constructing 3D shapes using straws and blu-tac. 

We have begun to construct the body of our lanterns using withies and masking tape.

Today (10.3.20), we finished constructing the body of our lanterns.  Here is an example of what one of them looks like...

Next week, we will then be covering and decorating our lanterns with prints using stamps that we have already designed ourselves.

Today (10.3.20), we were really lucky as we had a visit from a real life nurse, Sister Garrity.  She came into our class and talked to Year 2 about her role as a Sister in the hospital.  We looked at her stethoscope, her eye torch and her fob watch. Some of us listened to our heartbeats through her stethoscope.  We discovered that nursing now is very different from when Florence Nightingale was alive.

We have covered our lanterns with wet-strength tissue paper.

Today we printed onto our lanterns using the stampers we made.


Science Week was from 9th March until 13th March.  We took part in an exciting experiments and/or investigations each afternoon.  We also be continued with our new topic 'Materials' during our usual weekly Science lesson. 

On Monday afternoon (9.3.20), we investigated vaseline as an insulator.  We covered just one hand in vaseline and wrapped each hand up individually in a plastic bag.  We then dipped our hands into ice water and timed how long we were able to keep our hands in the water.  We discovered that the hand covered in vaseline didn't feel as cold as the hand without vaseline as vaseline acts as an insulator to keep warmth in and cold out much like animals who hibernate develop a layer of fat to keep them warm during the winter months.

On Tuesday afternoon (10.3.20) our science experiment was looking at how rain is formed using water, shaving foam (cloud) and blue food colouring (rain).  It was very messy but a lot of fun!

‚ÄčOn Wednesday, we designed bug hotels on paper and then went outside into the forest to find materials to begin constructing them.

On Friday (13.03.2020), we looked at vortexes and constructed our own vortex machine using a Pringles tube and a balloon. We understood that a vortex is like a ball of air that is propelled forward.  Even though we couldn't see the air, we knew it was there because it extinguished the candle.

We also went outside in the rain to check on our Bug Hotels to see if we had any new residents.  We found wood lice, spiders and ants.


In PSHE we are learning about money, where it comes from, why it is important and how we can keep it safe.  We have discussed the best ways to keep money safe and worked collaboratively to decide which is the safest place and the least safe place to keep money.


In outdoor PE this term, we will be focussing on athletics.  Every second Thursday, we will also have tag rugby with a Rugby Coach from Birkenhead Park RUFC.


Honey Bears love their music lessons on a Friday afternoon with Mrs Maher.  They are currently learning about beat and rhythmn through a variety of rhymes and musical poems.

Special events:



On Wednesday 1st April 2020, some of the children in Year 2 will be taking part in the annual Year 2 one night residential trip to Barnstondale Activity Centre to end our 'Fighting Fit' topic.  This is an excellent trip that children in previous years have loved and have treasured memories of.

If you would like your child to take part in this trip, please contact the School Office as soon as possible.

Children who have chosen not to take part are to come to school as normal.


On Thursday 5th March, it was World Book Day.  The children came to school dressed as their favourite book character and enjoyed some book related activities during the day.  They were also able to showcase their outfits in a KS1 assembly.  

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for the whole school.

Don't Honey Bears look amazing in their costumes?

During World Book Day, we had lots of fun completing a book review of our favourite book, designing our own bookmarks and doing lots of other interesting activities.


On Thursday 19th March, it was World Poetry Day. Every class chose a poem and recited it by heart to Mrs Loftus and Mrs Kinnear (it was supposed to be recited during assembly but all assemblies were cancelled).  
Our poem was called 'Springtime'.

The wind told the grass,

and the grass told the trees,

the trees told the flowers,

and the flowers told the bees,

the bees told the robin,

and the robin sang with cheer,

"Wake up now it's Springtime!"

"Wake up now, Spring is here!"

Golden Tie:

Well done to this week's golden tie winner


They were awarded the golden tie for: 

Making the right choices and working hard in all lessons smiley

Class Dojo Star:

Well done to this week's Honey Bears' Class Dojo Star


They were awarded the Dojo Star for: 

consistently displaying the 3 TPS traits of respect, responsibility and resilience smiley

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