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Year 4 Cinnamon Bears


Good afternoon!

Last week your Music project challenged you to make your own instruments out of household items. Here at school we have been doing just that!

Ethan and Lewis created this learge strumming instrument whilst Grace created a similar, smaller instrument. Make sure you watch with the sound on!



Hello Cinnamon Bears!

This week you have an exciting space project planned by Mr Rosser. This looks fascinating so make sure you send your finished work in to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 6th July


Hi everybody!

I have attached some paper work below for your to have a go at and of course there are plenty of activities set for you on Purple Mash too.

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley

Changes for September

You may have already heard about some of the changes waiting for them when you come back in September.

Your new teacher for Year 5 will be Mrs Risk and sadly you won't see me at Townfield anymore as I will be at my new school just down the road in Bromborough.

I'm going to miss you all lots but I know you will have an amazing time with Mrs Risk and you know Mrs Dixon will keep me updated on everything you get up to!

You've got two weeks left now of Year 4 so keep up the hard work! I'm super proud of you all.

Miss Owen smiley



Year 4 Cinnamon Bears


Good morning everyone!

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so!

Have you seen this week's Music project down below? I'm sure you'll have great fun trying it out, don't forget to send it into schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Over on Purple Mash you have online learning to complete and attached below are some paper activities for you to print and try.

Have a brilliant Monday!

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 29th June

Musical Monday!

Hello everybody!

I have posted this week's Music project below for you again. In school we have decided to do it too so we are starting by writing our own playlists. Here are some of the ideas we've had:

- Chill playlist

- Party playlist

- Exercise playlist

- Celebration playlist

- Sad playlist

When you have finished, send your project into schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley

Music projects!

Oliver has been busy at home learning all about the clarinet instrument and he's even made his own instrument. What do you think it sounds like?


Year 4 Cinnamon Bears


Hello everybody!

Did you have a good weekend?

This week you have a wonderful PSHE project from Mrs Dixon to try. Why not see if you can encourage other people in your house to try too? Remember to send some photos in to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Have fun,

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 22nd June


Happy Monday everyone!

Let's hope the weather picks up a little bit this week. 

Below I have attached some more paper work for you, including this week's spellings, and over on Purple Mash you have plenty more online learning to keep you going.

Don't forget to send in any projects you have completed and have a go at this week's PSHE project! <<<

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley

Sunday 28th June

Music Project

Hi Cinnamon Bears,

I hope everybody has had a great weekend despite the inconsistent weather!

This week Mr Hughes has created this fabulous music project for you all. When you have finished, don't forget to send it into schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Did anybody do last week's PSHE project? I'd love to see it!

Have a lovely evening,

Miss Owen smiley

Year 4 Cinnamon Bears


Good morning!

I'm hoping now that the emails are fixed, some of your P.E. projects will start to come through.

Here is Oliver's. He completed research on Rob McCracken. Who did he coach? Read it and find out!

Don't forget to scroll down and try out this week's R.E. project!

Oliver PE


Hi Cinnamon Bears!

Last week, all the schools on the Wirral had some problems with their emails so if you are wondering where your amazing P.E. projects are, don't worry! I will put them on here as soon as the emails are working again.

This week you have an interesting RE project to complete and I'm looking forward to reading your research.

Have fun!

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 15th June


Good morning everyone,

The weather is very indecisive at the moment isn't it! Yesterday we had glorious sunshine and then torrential rain. 

I've been looking back at the children who have been chosen as Golden Learner of the week already. 

So far we've had...

- Lewis C

- Grace

- Oliver 

- Maddox

Keep working hard because I look at all of your work and think about who is being resilient and responsible. Could you be the next Golden Learner?

On our Year 4 class pages you will see Oscar and Oliver's P.E. projects from last week. Has anyone else sent theirs into the office? If you have, write a comment and I will try and find your work!

If you look left <<< you will find instructions for this week's R.E. project, have you tried it yet?

Today we've chosen this story for you:


Listen carefully to the whole story and then let me know what you think!

Did anybody watch any of the football on the TV yesterday? Last week there was also an athletics meet shown on the BBC. It took place in an empty stadium with no crowds and some of the races only had one athlete in! If there are any more coming up I will post the link so you can watch if you want to. 

Don't forget, below this box there's paper work for you to do too if you'd like.

Have a great day everybody,

Miss Owen smiley


Paper Learning

Hello everybody!

I hope you had a great weekend.

Your spellings and paper work for this week are attached below. Keep checking Purple Mash because we will still be setting work on there for you to complete every day.

Have a super Monday,

Miss Owen smiley

More fabulous projects!


Hi Cinnamon Bears.

Have a look at the projects Anya has completed at home. Do you think you could do a tennis serve after reading her instructions? Great photos Anya!


Anya has also created this informative powerpoint about Diwali. Read through it and see if you learn anything new!


Positive thinking Monday

Hello again!

I have found this 'Positive thinking diary' which I thought would be nice for you to complete if you can print it off. If you don't have a printer, why don't you make your own on some spare paper?

Golden learner of the week

Last week we had our best ever week on Purple Mash. Well done everybody!! We had fantastic work completed by:

-Orla   -Fraya   -Lewis A   -Noah   -Scarlett

-James   -Grace   -Lucy   -Esme   -Anya   

-Aaryan   -Lewis C   -Oliver   -Holly   -Millie

Our golden learner of the week was...


He has completed every single task and I can tell how much effort he has put into his writing as it has really improved. Well done Maddox!

Keep working hard everyone, I am really proud of you all. smiley

Miss Owen

Year 4 Cinnamon Bears


Hello everyone!

This week your project is a P.E. one planned by me! I'm excited to see what you produce and can't wait to learn some skills from all of you.

Read the information in the powerpoint and then send your finished project to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Have fun!

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 8th June


Paper Learning

If you would like to do some work away from your computer or tablet, have a look at the sheets below. You will need to ask an adult to help you print them off. Don't forget, every week your spellings are on this page too for you to print out.

Have fun and don't forget about this week's P.E. project <<<<<

Miss Owen smiley


Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

I hope you had a great weekend despite the rain.

Don't forget to make a start on this week's P.E. project <<<<<

Last week we had lots of fantastic learning from:

-Aaryan   -Anya   -Alice

-Grace   -James   -Maddox

-Noah   -Millie   -Lucy

-Lewis   and   -Jacob

The golden learner of the week was....


He has been trying so hard with his writing so I can see a big improvement in his spelling and punctuation and he did the DT home learning project. Well done Oliver!

Today on Purple Mash you have a symmetry task and this week's spellings to complete. These are also attached below.

Here is a lovely story for you to enjoy:


It focuses on empathy and considering the feelings of others. Is this something you do?

Have a super day,

Miss Owen smiley

More DT projects

Have a look at Anya's powerpoint to see all of the contraptions she created for her egg!

Here is Grace's project. Do you think she managed to protect her egg?


Year 4 Cinnamon Bears


Hello Cinnamon Bears!

I hope you have all had a lovely week in the fabulous, sunny weather!

This week your project has a Design and Technology focus from Ms Carr.

I'm very eggcited to see your eggcellent projects!! (puns intended  wink)

Have fun,

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 1st June


Oliver and Lucy have completed this week's DT project.

One of Lucy's designs can protect the egg when it is thrown down the stairs. Can you guess which one?

L 1L2L3

Oliver created a device to help his egg float and a recipe using his egg to make a tasty treat. Do you think you could follow his recipe?

O 1O 2


Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a great week off in the sun.   
If you go onto the school website today you will find this week's DT project. It looks like a fun one!
Today you have Chapter 5 of The Sleeping Volcano to read and a Maths activity called Dividers. You have to target each number with the correct divider. For example, if you have 3 loaded in your calculator, you can only fire it at a number that can be divided by 3 (is in the 3x table) = 3,6,9,12. If you have a number in your calculator which isn't a multiple of any numbers floating above, you just have to fire it into the air so that the number in the calculator will change.
Story time
Today we have found the next section of Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach for you:


Are you enjoying the story so far?

Have a lovely day!

Miss Owen smiley

Thursday 4th June

Hi everybody!

Today we have planned a task for you all about Martin Luther King Jnr. Use the video and powerpoint below to research him and then complete the task on Purple Mash.

Why don't you ask your grown ups what they know about Martin Luther King Jnr? 

He is a very important historical figure!

Remember to check with an adult before you use YouTube.


Happy researching!

Miss Owen smiley


Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning!

Now that we have finished reading 'The Sleeping Volcano' on Purple Mash, this week's spellings are attached below.

Have you watched the reading of Roald Dahl's 'James and the Giant Peach' yet? Look on the left if you want to find the link.

For the rest of this week's stories we have added more sections for you, remember to check with an adult before going on YouTube!

Section 4:


Section 5:


Who is your favourite character? I think mine is Earthworm! 

Have you tried this week's DT project? Remember to send it to the school office if you have.

Have a wonderful day, 

Miss Owen smiley

Year 4 Cinnamon Bears


Incredible Home Learning

Hi everybody!

I've just been sent lots of your amazing projects so have a look at them below. Are there any that you would like to try? If there are, scroll down and find the instructions then send them into schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

I'm very proud of you all for working so hard!

Miss Owen smiley

Aaryan hasn't stopped working!

Aaryan had produced this detailed powerpoint about Kolkata. I really enjoyed finding out out interesting facts and I liked seeing Aaryan pop up in the photos!

Here is Aaryan's Science project. What a great idea to have a second tail to help the bird if it gets tired!

Aaryan science

This week's project had a World War Two focus and so Aaryan has made his very own spitfire plane. I wonder how far it can fly?

Aaryan History

Grace is celebrating the NHS!

Grace has clearly been very busy and creative at home, I love the Tee-Pee she has made!

Grace NHS 2Grace NHSGrace 2(1)Grace 3

Maddox has been very busy!

Look at Maddox's wonderful project on a tourist attraction in Italy. I would never have known there was a knitted pink rabbit on top of a mountain. Thank you Maddox for teaching me!

Maddox Geog

This is Maddox's Computing project. Isn't his animation fantastic! I thought the backing music really suited it!

Maddox movie.mov

Grace has also completed a fabulous Geography project all about Florida in the USA. She looks ready to jet off on a plane in the photo!

Finally, Grace produced this brilliant History project including a labelled soldier, spitfire model and a rationed menu. Well done Grace!

Grace History

Artistic Anya!

I love the symmetrical pattern Anya has used in her Art project. I also think the colour scheme is beautiful! 

Anya artAnya art 2

In addition to the art, Anya produced this fabulous, detailed History project. She's even given you some boat ideas to try. Great work Anya!

Oliver the Historian!

Oliver has been busy researching World War Two this week.

He has drawn a labelled soldier, built a spitfire and created a war time menu. Well done Oliver, I am pleased that my food shopping isn't limited to rations! 


Have you seen this week's History project?

I've put Mr Hughes' History project here for you again so that you can read through and decide if you'd like to have a go. If you do, ask an adult to send what you've done to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Have fun!

Miss Owen smiley

Year 4 Cinnamon Bears


This week's History Project

This week, Mr Hughes has created this exciting World War Two project for you to complete. Have a look at the powerpoint and then decide which bits you would like to try. Then ask an adult to email it to:


If you scroll down, you can still see the Computing,  Art and Geography projects if you want to have a go at those too!

Have fun,

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 18th May


Good morning Cinnamon Bears.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Today on Purple Mash you have a Maths activity based on area. You must work out the area shaded for each shape by multiplying the length by the height e.g. 4cm x 2 cm = 8cm²

Your first story this week is actually a short poem called ‘Don’t judge a book’.


I really enjoyed this poem because it made me think again about some of the judgements I make when I first see things. What did you think of the poem?

Golden Learner of the week     

Last week we had amazing home learning from:

-Alice     -Anya     -Lewis C      -James

- Scarlett     -Leo     -Oliver     -Maddox

- Aaryan     - Noah     -Lucy     - Jacob

- Esme     - Millie     - Isaac     - Lucy

Our golden learner of the week has been working hard all through lock down and I’ve seen a huge improvement in her writing because she has put in so much effort and has edited every piece of writing she’s completed….Well done Grace!

History Project

If you look left, you will see the details of Mr Hughes' History project. It is all about World War Two so I know that Noah will definitely love this one! I can't wait to see what you all create.

Your spellings are attached below.

Have a lovely day everybody,

Miss Owen smiley

Wednesday 20th May

Hello everyone,

On Monday we chose this poem for you:


We hope you enjoyed it. Did it make you think about first impressions?

For the rest of this week’s stories we have found an amazing reading of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach:

Section 1:


Section 2:


Each section is quite long so don’t feel like you should listen to them all in one go. We love Roald Dahl stories so we hope you enjoy this!

Today the weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful so try and go outside if you can! Maybe you could find some shade and read a book outside?  

Have you seen Mr Hughes’ History project? Look left <<<< It is very exciting!

I know some of you have said your adult has emailed your work in to the office but I haven’t put it on the website. If it’s not gone on the website that means I haven’t been sent it! If this has happened to you please comment or message me on Purple Mash and I will try and check what the problem is. I want to see all the amazing work you are doing!

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley


Oliver has completed the Art challenge from last week using natural materials to complete this piece. Do you like it? I wonder how long it took him to collect all those stones!

O art

Grace's Art!

Grace also completed a piece of art using only natural materials many weeks ago. I think Mrs Mathieson must have seen this and taken inspiration for her project! Well done Grace.

G leaf photos(2)

Wednesday 13th May

Hello Cinnamon Bears.

I hope you are having a pleasant week.

Have you started your Art project yet?

Here is Alice's. She has used a variety of natural resources to create two fabulous finished pieces. Well done Alice!

If you want to have a try, scroll down to find Mrs Mathieson's instructions and send your photos to the school office.

Have fun,

Miss Owen smiley

A art 2A art 1(1)


Hello Cinnamon Bears.

Here is this week's project, an art task set by Mrs Mathieson. 

Have a look at the powerpoint and then ask an adult to help you send your project to:


I can't wait to see what you create!

Have fun,

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 11th May


Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend in the sun. Did you do anything to celebrate VE day? The houses on my street hung up Union Jacks and lots of people sat on their drive ways with tea and cake.

This week's spellings are below and over on Purple Mash you also have a Maths activity!

Look on the left to find out about this week's project <<< You can still send in your Geography or Computing projects if you want to. I would love to see them!

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley


Anya's Geography project

Wow, look at Anya's amazing project on Hawaii. This must have taken a long time Anya, well done. I love that you have even included the surrounding islands. Fantastic Geography skills!

Geog Anya

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

Don't forget to look left to find out about this week's art project <<<

This week we have chosen 3 stories for you to enjoy. You don't have to listen to them all at once! Maybe you could write a blog about your favourite one?

Story 1

As you have a fantastic art project this week, I thought this book would be perfect! It is called ‘Ish’.


Story 2

This is the link for 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt.  Hope you enjoy it!!!


Story 3

Click on this link to hear the lovely story of 'The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl. 



Golden learner of the week     

As promised, I have chosen last week's golden learner of the week!

These children all completed fantastic learning on Purple Mash last week:

- Lewis A

- Isaac

- Holly

- Esme

- Lucy

- Grace

- Maddox

- Noah

- Oliver

- Alice

- Anya

The person I have chosen for golden learner came onto Purple Mash and completed all of the work from the last 3 weeks and then they even went back and edited their work and wrote some extra blogs which made me very proud.

Well done to Lewis C! You are the golden learner this week! 

Keep working hard everybody and I will choose another golden learner.

If you look on the left, you will be able to see Anya's brilliant Geography project, well done Anya!

Have a lovely day everybody,

Miss Owen smiley

Geography projects!


Have a look at Alice and Oliver's Geography projects. 

Alice created an informative powerpoint all about Oxton village where she lives while Oliver created an interesting poster about Australia. Well done both of you!

If you would like to try the Geography project, scroll down to find the instructions.


This week's Geography project


For your curriculum project this week, Miss Williams has set you this exciting Geography project. I can't wait to see what you create!

Remember to ask an adult to send it to:


Scroll down to see some of our science and computing projects. Please send them to the office for me to see whenever you want!

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 4th May

Thursday 7th May

Good morning Cinnamon Bears.

I hope you managed to enjoy some of the sun yesterday!

Your Maths activity is still focusing on time. Choose 6 clocks then write the time for each and explain what happens at that time.

Today we would like you to do some persuasive writing so we have set you a poster task. Design and write a poster persuading people why it is important to exercise during lock down.

Think about:

- Where they could exercise

- Who they could do it with

- Why it is important

- What to do if they don’t like it

Remember to be really persuasive and use rhetorical questions and exaggeration.

If you look on the right >>> you will find Oliver’s brilliant animation project! Have you tried it yet? Find Mrs Ali’s instructions on our class page and have a go! You can also find the instructions for this week’s Geography project at the top of this page.

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning everybody. It looks like the sun has got its hat on today! 

For English, today we would like you to complete the word combo activity on Purple Mash. You need to select the word types and combine them together to make phrases and then sentences. On the sentence section, if you click on the square at the top it will generate a word bank for you.

In Maths, your activity is to sort timings into am or pm. Can you think of a way to remember which is which? I say to myself: am = at morning, pm = past morning.

Story time

Today the story we have chosen is ‘The stellar one’ by Daniel Errico:


You can listen to the story being read or you can read it yourself underneath.

We hope you like it!

Have you started the Geography project yet? Look on the left if you haven't!

Have a lovely day,

Miss Owen smiley


Monday 4th May

Good morning Cinnamon Bears, I hope you had a nice weekend.

This week in Maths we are going to start by looking at time. Look carefully at the clocks and choose which time they are showing. Think carefully though because the numbers around the clock face are in Roman numerals! Maybe you could draw a clock on paper to help you first or ask an adult to practise with you before you start.

Below are your spellings and these are also saved on Purple Mash.

Today for your story we have chosen ‘The atrocious fairy tale’.


What does atrocious mean? Did you fine this story confusing? Were there any characters that you liked?

Following on from the brilliant Science and Computing projects, this week we have a Geography project! Look on the left to find the details. I can’t wait to see them and remember you can send me your old projects any time!

At the end of this week, I am going to choose a golden learner of the week! This might be someone who has completed the most tasks, or someone who has put a lot of effort into one particular piece of work. Some of our top learners last week were:

- Maddox   - Noah   - Anya 

 - Grace   - Oliver   - Alice

Well done to you all!

Keep working hard this week and see who gets golden learner of the week!

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley

Friday 8th May is VE Day!

Happy Friday Cinnamon Bears!

Today is VE day so we have set you a task which will allow you to learn some facts about this important historical day and then write a newspaper article.

We have also set you Maths and English if you are still eager to complete some work!

In Maths we have set you one final time activity. To complete this you have to draw lines from one clock to the other to show the time in 3 hours. Click the dot under the clock and drag it to the other dot and this will draw the line.

For English we would like you to show us the difference between pronouns and proper nouns. Proper nouns are names and pronouns are words used instead of names such as she or they. Think about if the sentences use pronouns or nouns within them. Then, re-write each sentence using the opposite!

If you look on the left, you will be able to see Alice & Oliver's Geography projects. Why don't you have a go and send it to the school office!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Miss Owen smiley

Oliver's computing project

Here is Oliver's fabulous computing project! I think it's great that he's tried different ways of animating. Have you tried the project yet?

Scroll down to find Mrs Ali's instructions!

O video.MOV

Tuesday 5th May

Today we have set you two Maths activities. The first is another matching/memory game. Choose a card then match the time to the correct clock face. For the second activity you must order the times from earliest to latest but be careful because some of them are in 24hour clock. Count forwards from 12 to work out the pm time so 1pm is 13:00 because 12+1 = 13.

Your English activity today focuses on word types. Think very carefully about the word types used and drag the words into the correct box. Use this list to help you

Noun = name, place or thing

Pronoun = a word used instead of a name

Preposition = a word that describes the position of something, the way it is done or the time it happened.

Adjective = a describing word

Have you started the Geography project yet? Look left if you haven’t!

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley

Oliver's Science project

Have a look at Oliver's Science project, did you know any of these ostrich facts already? I certainly didn't! Welll done Oliver!

O bird


Last week's bird project

Wow Cinnamon Bears, I have absolutely loved seeing what you created for our science project last week!

Lucy made an amazing bird house but she thinks all the cats have scared the birds away so far!

L birds

Anya created this imaginitave Quinn bird. It's so realistic I had to research and check it wasn't a real bird!

A bird

Alice also created her own bird, I love the pouch for the baby!

A bird project

Finally, Jacob was the first to complete his project. Here he is creating his bird box, I love the rainbows he's painted on it!

JG bboxJG bird box(1)

If you have done a bird project, ask a grown up to send your work to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk 

In the subject box write 'Year 4 Miss Owen' so that I can see all of the fabulous things you create!

If you haven't, don't worry because you still can! Scroll down to find the powerpoint with Mr Rosser's instructions and have fun!


Monday 27th April

Good morning Cinnamon Bears.

 I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Attached are this week’s spellings and over on Purple Mash there is a maths activity.

For this task you must find the perimeter of each shape. Remember, perimeter means the total line of the outline. The outline is what goes around the edge so if a farmer needed to know how much wood to buy for a fence for his field, he would need to measure the perimeter of the field!

Count round the edge of the shapes or add all the lengths together.

Story time

Today we’ve also chosen a new story for you. It is called ‘Catching the moon’.


At the start of the story, what is Papa thinking? Does he encourage Marcenia’s baseball  ambitions? Why/why not? How do you think Marcenia felt when she was told that girls weren’t allowed at baseball camp? How does Papa feel by the end of the story?

I think this is my favourite story so far because I love Marcenia’s determination. And it is a true story. I hope you like it too!

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 27th April

Computing project


Our amazing animations!

Look Cinnamon Bears, we have two videos already! If you want to have a go at making one, read through Mrs Ali's powerpoint below then send it to the school office so I can see:


 This is Alice's animation, I love her voice over so make sure you have the sound on!


This is Anya's video, I'm so impressed by how much happens in it!

A video.MP4


This week, Mrs Ali has created an exciting computing project for you! Remember to think carefully about e-safety and always tell a grown up what you are doing.

Have fun and when you are finished, send your projects into the school office so I can see! 

Miss Owen smiley

Friday 1st May

Happy Friday Cinnamon Bears!

Remember to send your bird and animation projects to the school office!  schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Your Maths activity today is about horizontal and vertical lines.


- Horizontal means straight across from left to right.

- Vertical means up and down from top to bottom.

For English, you have another grammar activity focusing on standard English such as ‘We were’ instead of, ‘We was’. Think carefully about this as often people say the wrong thing!

For the weekend we have chosen this story for you about Trisha, a girl who is finding things hard at school:


If you were Trisha’s friend, what would you say to her when she was finding reading difficult?

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Owen smiley

Thursday 30th April

Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

Have seen all the brilliant bird projects that some of you have sent in? Look on the left of this page <<<< Also, Alice has finished her animation so go watch that video too!

Today you have two Maths activities again. The first is about properties of shapes. Think of a 3D shape in your head then answer the questions and the computer will try to guess the name of the shapes. The second game is another memory matching game for 2D shapes.

For English we would like you to practise using apostrophes. Remember, you only need an apostrophe if you are showing it belongs to somebody e.g. Jenny's bike

Or if two words are contracted together like do not = don't

If something belongs to more than one person the apostrophe goes after the s like this: They were the boys' bikes.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Owen smiley

Wednesday 29th April

Hello Cinnamon Bears!

Today we have set you two Maths activities as they are quite short and they are both about properties of shapes.

You are now on the final chapter of Animal Boy so we would like you to write a book review. Think carefully about the plot. Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend the book to a friend? Is there anything you would change?

Today we’ve also found another story for you to enjoy and if you want, you can choose to watch it with BSL too!


We hope you like it,

Miss Owen smiley

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Cinnamon Bears.

Today your Maths activity is focused on 3D shapes. You have to match the image of the 3D shape to the correct name but this game also tests your memory as you have to remember what was under each card. I really enjoyed this game so I hope you do too!

In English, we have nearly finished with Animal Boy so read the chapter and complete the quiz. Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Have you started the computing project yet? I know Alice has already nearly finished hers so tomorrow I will show you her photos so far. I also have some more photos of your bird projects to put up.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Owen smiley

Week beginning Monday 20th April


Hello Cinnamon Bears.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays.

Today, we are setting you your first project which is a science task from Mr Rosser.

Read the instructions carefully and then ask a grown up to send your work to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk 

In the subject box write 'Year 4 Miss Owen' so that I can see all of the fabulous things you create!

Have fun,

Miss Owen smiley



Good morning Cinnamon Bears.

Over on Purple Mash you have Maths and English activities to complete. Have you practised the spellings from yesterday?

The questions for chapter 1 of Animal Boy are ready for you to try, tomorrow we will load chapter 2 for you. Are you enjoying the story so far?

Your maths activity today focuses on factors again like yesterday! Numbers fly around space and you need to use your calculator to shoot factors at them. So if an 8 flies past, you could fire a 2 or a 4 at it because we know that 2x4=8. If 12 flies past, you have lots of choices because 3x4=12 and 2x6=12 so you could fire 2,3,4,6 or even 1!

Start on level one and see how you get on.

Story time

Today we have set you our first story. It is set in the USA in the 1960s when black people still experienced lots of racism and segregation. We have talked about this in class, remember Rosa Parks on the bus?

If you follow this link you will be able to watch ‘As fast as words could fly’ being read:


What do you think of Mason? What troubles does he face? How would you feel if you faced the difficulties that Mason faced everyday? What message do you think this story is giving?

When you have finished the story, you could ask an adult to help you complete some of the activities here:


I hope you enjoy the story!

Miss Owen smiley



Here are this week's spellings. Can you find a way to practise them outside? Make sure you discuss the meaning of the words with an adult as they are tricky this week!

Also, on Purple Mash today you will find a maths activity on division for you to try.

Have fun!

Miss Owen smiley



Happy Friday Cinnamon Bears!

Today you have another chapter of Animal Boy and a multiplication and division quiz to test your times tables before the weekend.

For our final story of the week we have chosen ‘Oh no George’. A story about a dog who is trying very hard to make good choices. On this website you can choose to watch with BSL signs too so you can even practise your signing while you listen. How amazing!


If you feel like trying something creative over the weekend, take a look at what Grace made at home.

I love her cute, little leaf animals! Well done Grace!

Have a lovely weekend everybody,

Miss Owen smiley

G leaf photos

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Cinnamon Bears.

After you practised dividing by 10 yesterday, today we would like you to complete the quiz! Remember when you divide by 10, every digit shifts to the right and decreases in value (so your answer keeps the same digits but will be a smaller number).

Also today you have chapter 3 of Animal Boy and the quiz to complete afterwards. Why don’t you write a blog post telling us what you think of the story so far?

Story time

Today we have found another story for you to listen to. We have chosen ‘Here comes the Garbage Barge’.

You can listen to it here:


What was your first thought when you heard about the idea of the garbage barge? What is your opinion of Mr Stroffolino? Would you trust him? How do you think Captain Duffy was feeling throughout the journey? What is the important message in this story?

Once you have finished listening to the story, you could ask an adult to help you with these activities:


Have fun!

Miss Owen  smiley

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

Today we would like you to practise dividing by 10.

Remember, when we divide by 10 the place value decreases so every digit moves to the right and is worth less (so your answer keeps the same digits but will be a smaller number).

For example, if you do 12.5 ÷ 10 the answer is 1.25 as each number has shifted to the right while it has been shared or divided into 10.

Today we also have chapter 2 of Animal boy for you to read and questions to answer afterwards. Tomorrow we will choose another story for you.

I hope you have started the science project on birds!

Have a lovely day,

Miss Owen smiley



Wow Cinnamon Bears, look what happened to Noah!!


He is going to be on Radio Merseyside today at 3:30 (Thursday).

We can't wait to hear about it when we come back to school!


N army


Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

Did anybody listen to Noah on the radio yesterday? I thought he was fantastic!

Today would have been our last day in school before the Easter holidays.

Well done to Maddox and Anya who have started their own blogs already. For everyone else, remember on Purple Mash click on – sharing – my blogs. If you click on – shared blogs you will be able to see our Cinnamon Bears’ blog and leave a comment.

Today I have set for you our first story on Purple Mash. Once you have read chapter 1 you will be able to answer the questions too.

Over the two week holiday, I won’t be setting tasks for you but you can still write your blog, send me a message or play any other games on Purple Mash that you like. Remember to keep doing lots of reading and get some exercise. If you enjoy chapter 1 of ‘Animal Boy’ then I can keep setting new chapters for you to read too.

Have a lovely holiday,

Miss Owen  smiley


Firstly, a big well done to Anya, Lewis C, Maddox and Alice who have been on Purple Mash and written their story. One dojo point for you four! I loved reading them and have given you some feedback so that you can edit and re-draft like we do in school.

Today I would like you to try and set up your own blog. You can find our class blog on Purple Mash by clicking on - sharing - shared blogs - Cinnamon Bears' blog.

Leave a comment so I know you have found it!

Then, you can create your own blog to let us know what you have been up to. You can do that in - sharing - my blogs.

Have fun!

Miss Owen smiley


Week beginning 30th March 2020


Story Time!

Hello Cinnamon Bears!

You can also find all of today's information on Purple Mash. 

Today I have written the first two sentences of a story and I want you to finish it! (It's at the bottom of this box.)


Don't rush this. Think about how we write stories in school; plan, first draft, edit and re-draft.

Think about:

* The setting - where is it?

* The characters - who is in it?

* The plot - what is going to happen?


Use my WILF to help you:

- Fronted adverbials

- Punctuation for speech

- Expanded noun phrases

- Abstract noun phrases (e.g. The great fire of hope)


When you have finished, you can add illustrations and give your story a title! If you look in your 2dos on Purple Mash, this has been saved in a special document with space for your pictures.


Here is the story start:

As he took two clumsy steps forward, he heard the roar of the crowd in the distance. His heart was a drum, pounding against his chest and sweat was pouring from his hands.


I can't wait to read them!

Miss Owen smiley


Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

This week's spellings are attached. These have also been uploaded onto Purple Mash along with a Maths game for you!

Have you found our class blog yet? Click on the 'sharing' tab to find it.

Tomorrow we are going to start some story writing!

Miss Owen smiley


Happy Friday Cinnamon Bears!

I have updated our blog on Purple Mash. 

Can you see it? It comes under the sharing tab.

If you can, leave a comment. If you can't, try to send me a message and I will see if I can fix it.

It's another loveley sunny day so try to go outside if you can.

Miss Owen smiley


Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

It's another lovely day so try to go outside if you can!

Has anyone tried our keepy up challenge yet? 

Over on Purple Mash there is a maths activity and a grammar activity for you. Try to complete them but don't spend too much time using screens.

Have a nice day,

Miss Owensmiley


Good afternoon Cinnamon Bears.

Over on Purple Mash I have started a class blog for us.

On there I have also uploaded this week's spellings and set our first challenge.

Please contact the school office if you do not have your Purple Mash log in details.

Miss Owen smiley


Good morning Cinnamon Bears!

I have attached this week's spellings below.

Why don't you try to learn them outside in your garden?

- You could spell them on the ground using water and a paint brush.

- You could do shuttle runs and shout a letter out each time you get to one end.

- You could spell them using stones or twigs you find outside.

Try to be creative! How else could you practise this week's spellings?

Miss Owen laugh

Welcome to the Cinnamon Bears!


These adults work in our class:

Miss Owen – Class teacher

Mrs Cavanagh – Additional adult support

Mrs Carroll – PPA cover

The Cinnamon Bears on World Book Day 2020!

world book day

Tag Rugby Coach

In our P.E. lessons we have been coached by Mr Cucchi from Birkenhead Park rugby club.

We have learned the basic skills of rugby such as passing backwards and dodging and we are starting to develop an understanding of tactics and game rules.


Cinnamon Sunflowers!

One of our cinnamon bears has brought in a sunflower from home which we have planted outside our classroom.

Do you have a sunflower you would like to bring in to add to our collection?

J sunflower

Class Timetable

On Wednesdays we have indoor and on Thursdays we have outdoor P.E.

Please ensure that children have plain jogging bottoms and a jumper for outdoor lessons during the winter months.

On Fridays we are lucky enough to have the fabulous Mrs Mayer teaching us music. Currently we are learning a Tudor composition.


On Mondays we give out spellings and magic maths which are then collected in and tested on a Friday.

This term, our magic maths focuses on the instant recall of times table facts so we are asking children to use Times Table Rock Stars or Purple Mash atleast 3 times a week.



Children are expected to read at least 3 times a week and we have recently introduced 'Strive for 5.'  This is where children who have read 5 times a week every week are in with a chance of winning a book token. If your child’s reading diary has 5 signatures in it for each week their name will be put into a draw.  The draw for this will be in the last week of the term. 

Children may want to read their own books which is fantastic but we also require them to read school books which are levelled accurately to ensure the development of decoding and comprehension skills. Even though you may feel that your child can now read independently, please ensure you are still finding the time to question them on their reading to develop their comprehension skills.

reading clip art

Bear of the day and the Golden Tie

Each day a child from the class will be chosen to bring home the Cinnamon Bear.  It will be given to a child who has demonstrated our three character traits of respect, responsibility and resilience.

For those children who have demonstrated these traits all week, there is a possibility of bringing home the golden tie. This is a Townfield honour and the golden tie winner will have their photo displayed by the school office all week!

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