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Hi everyone!  Hope you've had a great weekend.  This week there is a fantastic music project for your home learning. I'd love to see what you do so please send your work into the school office.  

Have fun and stay safe!!


Erin has really worked hard to try out some of the PSHE home learning.  She worked well with her brother to learn a new skill.  They wanted to make a lasagne from scratch.  Here are some pictures of their venture.  They made their own pasta and cheese sauce.  What a great skill to learn! It looks delicious! Well done!




Hi everyone!  Hope you've had a great weekend.  This week there is a PSHE project for your home learning.  It's all about looking after your mental well-being and if you are finding things difficult at the moment then you may find some strategies that may help you.  I'd love to see what you do so please send your work into the school office.  

Have fun and stay safe!!


Another great piece of home learning from you Amelia.  This RE project on Sikhism is super.  I like the way you have put in a video link for the other children to watch.  Well done!



Erin's RE Home Learning.  It looks like you had a lot of fun working on your Eid RE project.  I really like the way you have used different ways to present your work e.g. art and letter writing.  Well done Erin!




It looks like you had a lot of fun creating your PE project Jeremy! I like the way you did some research on a tennis player so that it linked with some skills that you wanted to share.  Well done!




What a great PE project Amelia.  I love the way you created your own family sports day and everyone joined in.  It looks as if they had a great time!!!

You've also obviously spent a lot of time on the other PE tasks.  You've made a super powerpoint and coaching leaflets and poster!  Well done Amelia!!!!




P.E. Projects

Hi everyone!

We think the office emails are now fixed so hopefully some more of your P.E. projects will come through.

Here is Oscar's project. With his family he created a home sports day. In each event the winner got 3 points, second place got 2 and if you finished 3rd you got 1 point. Who do you think won in Oscar's family?

Well done Oscar, I enjoyed seeing these photos!

Miss Owen smiley


14th June

R.E. Project


This week you have an interesting R.E. project to try. When you have finished, ask an adult to send it to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

Lask week, all of the schools on the Wirral had a problem with emails so please don't worry if your P.E. project hasn't appeared yet!

I'm looking forward to seeing your completed projects.

Have fun!

7th June

P.E. Project


This week you have a really exciting P.E. project to try. When you have finished, ask an adult to send it to schooloffice@townfield.wirral.sch.uk

I can't wait to see your finished work.

Have fun!

5th June 2020 - Story for you to read!


Hope you are all well! There has been lots going on in the world around us lately.  Some of it good and some of it worrying and sad.  It's really important that we all try to have empathy.  This is when we undersand the feelings of other people.  One of the characters in my favourite book talks about not really knowing what is going on in a person's life until you have walked in their shoes and experienced their life.  I've found a lovely book online which is all about empathy.  You could read it yourselves or ask someone else to read it to you.  Just click on the link below.


Let me know what you think about it!

Stay safe!

Mrs Dixon

This weeks home learning project is a DT one. It looks so much fun!

Thursday 4th June

Hi everybody!

Today we have planned a task for you all about Martin Luther King Jnr. Use the video and powerpoint below to research him and then complete the task on Purple Mash.

Why don't you ask your grown ups what they know about Martin Luther King Jnr?

He is a very important historical figure!

Remember to check with an adult before you use YouTube.


(If the powerpoint doesn't work, try the one on the Cinnamon Bears page).

Happy researching!

Miss Owen smiley


Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning!

Now that we have finished reading 'The Sleeping Volcano' on Purple Mash, this week's spellings are attached below.

Have you watched the reading of Roald Dahl's 'James and the Giant Peach' yet? 

For the rest of this week's stories we have added more sections for you, remember to check with an adult before going on YouTube!

Section 4:


Section 5:


Who is your favourite character? I think mine is Earthworm! 

Have you tried this week's DT project? Remember to send it to the school office if you have.

Have a wonderful day, 

Miss Owen smiley

Andy Goldsworthy Art project!!!

This is a really lovely art project based on the art that the famous Andy Goldsworthy does using nature.  I can't wait to see what you produce! Make sure you email your photos into the school office and then we can put them on our class page!  Please remember to let any friends know about it if you are still in contact with them!


Good evening Red Panda Bears!

This week we have chosen 3 stories for you to enjoy. You don't have to listen to them all at once! Maybe you could write a blog about your favourite one?

Story 1

As you have a fantastic art project this week, I thought this book would be perfect! It is called ‘Ish’.


Story 2

This is the link for 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt.  Hope you enjoy it!!!


Story 3

Click on this link to hear the lovely story of 'The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl. 


We hope you enjoy them!

Erin's science project

Erin has used her science project information about birds to create a story.  The story uses some of the information that she found to make it realistic.  Well done Erin!  If you have completed any of the projects then you can send them to the school office and they will be displayed on here for everyone to enjoy!!smiley


Erin science(1)

Geography Task

This is a lovely geography task where you are encouraged to think about a place that you would like to visit.  You are then asked to explore the different geographical features connected with that place.  I can't wait to see what you produce!

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning everybody. It looks like the sun has got its hat on today! 

For English, today we would like you to complete the word combo activity on Purple Mash. You need to select the word types and combine them together to make phrases and then sentences. On the sentence section, if you click on the square at the top it will generate a word bank for you.

In Maths, your activity is to sort timings into am or pm. Can you think of a way to remember which is which? I say to myself: am = at morning, pm = past morning.

Story time

Today the story we have chosen is ‘The stellar one’ by Daniel Errico:


You can listen to the story being read or you can read it yourself underneath.

We hope you like it!

Have you started the Geography project yet?

Have a lovely day,

Miss Owen smiley

Creating your blog on Purple Mash

Hi everyone,  I think some of you are finding writing your blog on Purple Mash a little tricky.  At the top of your Purple Mash page there is a green world with an arrow round it and it says sharing underneath.  Click on that.  It will then give you 2 options - display boards and sharing blogs.  Click on sharing blogs.  Then click on Red Panda Bears'.  On the right hand side of the page you will then see a green add sign.  Click on that to create a new blog.  

Hope this helps. 


Monday 4th May

Good morning , I hope you had a nice weekend.

This week in Maths we are going to start by looking at time. Look at the clocks and choose which time they are showing. Think carefully though because the numbers around the clock face are in Roman numerals! Maybe you could draw a clock on paper to help you first or ask an adult to practise with you before you start.

Below are your spellings and these are also saved on Purple Mash.

Today for your story we have chosen ‘The atrocious fairy tale’.


What does atrocious mean? Did you fine this story confusing? Were there any characters that you liked?

Have a great day,

Miss Owen smiley

Friday 1st May

Hi Red Panda Bears!

Here is another story for you to enjoy over the weekend:


If you were Trisha’s friend, what would you say to her when she was finding reading difficult?

Have a lovely weekend everybody smiley

27-4-2020Hi, You have an exciting ICT project using stop motion animation. I look forward to seeing what you produce!!


On Monday we chose this story for you. It is called ‘Catching the moon’.


At the start of the story, what is Papa thinking? Does he encourage Marcenia’s baseball  ambitions? Why/why not? How do you think Marcenia felt when she was told that girls weren’t allowed at baseball camp? How does Papa feel by the end of the story?

I think this is my favourite story so far because I love Marcenia’s determination. And it is a true story. I hope you like it too!

Today we’ve also found another story for you to enjoy and if you want, you can choose to watch it with BSL too!


Enjoy the stories,

Miss Owen smiley

Year 4 Red Panda Bears


Happy Friday Year 4!

Today you have another chapter of Animal Boy and a multiplication and division quiz to test your times tables before the weekend.

For our final story of the week we have chosen ‘Oh no George’. A story about a dog who is trying very hard to make good choices. On this website you can choose to watch with BSL signs too so you can even practise your signing while you listen. How amazing!


If you feel like trying something creative over the weekend, take a look at what Grace made at home.

I love her cute, little leaf animals! Well done Grace!

Have a lovely weekend everybody,

Miss Owen smiley

G leaf photos(1)


Another story for you

Today we have found another story for you to listen to. We have chosen ‘Here comes the Garbage Barge’.

You can listen to it here:


What was your first thought when you heard about the idea of the garbage barge? What is your opinion of Mr Stroffolino? Would you trust him? How do you think Captain Duffy was feeling throughout the journey? What is the important message in this story?

Once you have finished listening to the story, you could ask an adult to help you with these activities:


Have fun!

Miss Owen





Good morning.

Over on Purple Mash you have Maths and English activities to complete. Have you practised the spellings from yesterday?

The questions for chapter 1 of Animal Boy are ready for you to try, tomorrow we will load chapter 2 for you. Are you enjoying the story so far?

Your maths activity today focuses on factors again like yesterday! Numbers fly around space and you need to use your calculator to shoot factors at them. So if an 8 flies past, you could fire a 2 or a 4 at it because we know that 2x4=8. If 12 flies past, you have lots of choices because 3x4=12 and 2x6=12 so you could fire 2,3,4,6 or even 1!

Start on level one and see how you get on.

Story time

Today we have set you our first story. It is set in the USA in the 1960s when black people still experienced lots of racism and segregation. We have talked about this in class, remember Rosa Parks on the bus?

If you follow this link you will be able to watch ‘As fast as words could fly’ being read:


What do you think of Mason? What troubles does he face? How would you feel if you faced the difficulties that Mason faced everyday? What message do you think this story is giving?

When you have finished the story, you could ask an adult to help you complete some of the activities here:


I hope you enjoy the story!

Miss Owen smiley



Here are this week's spellings. Can you find a way to practise them outside? Make sure you discuss the meaning of the words with an adult as they are tricky this week!

Also, on Purple Mash today you will find a maths activity on division for you to try.

Have fun!

Miss Owen smiley


Well done to Kyle and Emily who have already started their blogs on Purple Mash. 

I really enjoyed reading them.

Have a lovely Easter Red Panda Bears,

Miss Owen smiley


Hello Red Panda Bears!

Here are this week's spellings. Remember to keep checking Purple Mash!

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