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Welcome to the Koala Family!

Coronavirus Action.

Please be advised, that I will be putting Home Learning onto Purple Mash every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. I will not set any over the weekend or over the Easter holiday. Please encourage your child to complete the tasks on the day that they have been set. All children can also access the Purple Mash Blog to keep in touch with each other and myself in a safe environment. I wish you all the best during this challenging time and hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy and well.

Stay safe,

Mrs Risk x


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hello all, I hope this finds you and your loved ones well.

Well done to everyone who has completed the tasks set on Purple Mash, it is more important that ever to try and keep to a routine at this time. I would invite children to log onto Storyline Online this evening and listen to a story read by Melissa Gilbert called "My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother". If you would like to support your child further there are teacher activities at the bottom linked to the story that you could do all, or some of, together. Thank you for your continued support at this challenging time.

Stay safe,

Mrs Risk x


Our Teacher is Mrs Risk and our 1:1 assistants are Mrs Martin and Miss White.

We're looking forward to a wonderful year!

Some important notes:

  • Our Music and French lessons are on Friday
  • Our PE lessons are on Thursday and Friday
  • Spellings and Magic Maths will go out on a Monday to be tested on Friday each week.

Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10minutes and then sign their home reading record. Each child is expected to read at least 3 times a week at home and this should be signed.

It really does make a massive difference!

Happy Poetry Day!

19th March 2020

Today we are celebrating Poetry Day. We learnt the poem 'In Flanders Fields', which was written by Jon McCrae and is linked with our Topic on WW2. The poem was written to remind us of people who fought and give up their lives for our country. Scroll down to watch our recital!

 World Bookd Day 2020

5th March 

Scroll down to view our costumes and book choices. Well done to children and parents for embracing this special day.


Global Awareness Day

We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors: but but borrowed it from our descendants.

Helen Caldicott

The Koalas spent the day researching Global warming and Climate Change. They looked at it's impact in our local area and then the greater worldwide implications. The children created information posters looking at the causes and effects of global warming and our carbon footprint. the Koalas set themselves a few challenges to try and do their bit for the environment and are currently collecting plastic bottle tops to help Save the Rhinos.


Australian Bush Fire Fundraising

Five children from TPS School Council did a presentation for Years 2 - 6 today to help raise awareness for Australia's plight. The children shared facts, photos and fundraising ideas and all spoke eloquently. Over the next couple of weeks Townfield will be holding a variety of fundraising activities and, as always, we are grateful for your support in making these activities a huge success. Thak you in advance for this worthwile cause.

WW2 Entry Point Day: Evacuee Day

Today the Koala family relived what it was like to be an evacuee during WW2. They considered what they would pack in their suitcase, listened to letters from evacuees to their families, discussed what it takes to be a model citizen, had a P4C session and all were evacuated from their class for a short time when the sir raid siren sounded. They all showed empathy with evacuees and  their families and were able to discuss and express their feelings.


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Year 5/6 spellings

We're becoming masters of finding the spelling patterns and using root words, suffixes and prefixes to get them memorised. 

Fancy a challenge? How many of the Year 5 and Year 6 common exception words can you master by the end of the year?

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Trip to the British Music Museum - Liverpool

On the 15th October this Year the Koala and Kodiak Bears were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the British Music Experience and the Liverpool Museum. This was the Entry Point Day for Liverpool our Liverpool topic. At The British Museum Experience the children were given the opportunity to explore the life and rise of The Beatles and history of British Rock and Pop. The trip also included a visit to the Liverpool Museum and a walk along the waterfront.

y5 pic 2(1)y5 pic 3(1)


In English, we have been investigating The London Eye Mystery (linked with The Power of Reading). We have made inferences, justified our opinions, written a character description, a letter and have just completed a Newspaper Report. We are all very excited as we are moving onto King Kong this week (linked to Literacy Counts).

y5 pic 4(1)


In Maths, we have been reinforcing place value, column subtraction and addition, missing number calculations, properties of 2D and 3D shapes and multiplication. At the beginning of the term we were set the challenge of completing Time Tables Rock Stars. It’s getting very competitive as we strive to beat our time and score in order to upgrade our personal avatar!  Who will be a Rock Hero first?

y5 pic 5(1)y5 pic 6(1)


Our Topic learning at present is on Liverpool and it covers Geography, History, Art, DT, Music and also has cross curricular links with English, Maths and PHSE.

y5 pic 7(1)y5 pic 8(1)

Music with the Koalas this week!

28th February 2020

This week we have been practising our singing techniques with Mrs Meyer and really are improving.



In Science, we spent the first term learning about Space and part of this was to create our own Space model. Well done to all as they were amazing. We are now investigating materials and their properties.   Can you identify a product that is oobleck?

y5 pic 11y5 pic 9


We are learning about Forces over teh Spring term and have carried out investigations for Air Resisitance, Friction and Levers.



In PE we have been learning different style of dance and also the rules of Tag Rugby. We have PE outside on a Thursday and inside on a Friday, it is imperative that all children come to school with the appropriate kit particularly for outside PE in the colder weather.

y5 pic 12y5 pic 10

Many of the Koalas also play Tag Rugby after school on a Monday.


In RE we have been learning about Islam and had the opportunity to look at Muslim’s faith in detail. We are hoping to visit a Mosque in the New Year.

y5 pic 13y5 pic 14

This December the Koala Bears have been busy....

The Koala's enjoyed some wreath making to kick start the festivities. 


A visit from Father Christmas!


Our church service today at St Saviours.


London Trip February 2020

Many of the Year 5 children had the opportunity to visit London last week to see the sights. These included: London Eye and a 4D experience, St Paul's Cathedral, Churchill War Museum, a boat ride on the River Thames, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and much more!


Anderson Shelters

Whilst the trip to London was taking place many Year 5 children reserched, designed and made their own Anderson Shelters as part of our WW2 topic. They then created a circuit with a light and a sensor. Old teabags, boxes and pretend grass were all put to good use with some amazing results.


Bikeabilty Week

10th february - 14th February 2020

Some of the children in Year 5 took part in Bikeabilty Week and had the opportunity to learn how to ride safely and also work towards and receive their Cycling Proficiency Level 2 Certificate and badge. Well done all those who took part and gained their award.

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Science week - 9th February - 13th February 2020

This week we carried out lots of exciting investigations linked to Science.

  1. Made a pulley system linked with our Forces topic.
  2. Made a hovercraft out of a balloon and cd and then investigated if they would collide and what impact a change in velocity would have on them.
  3. Created artwork in a team with no communication using only a pen and pegs to investigate how our minds all think differently and why we are all diverse.
  4. Had a game of Big Brother Lab, where we investigated old and new scientists and then had to vote them out of the lab based on importance and justify why.




Poetry Day

19th March 2020

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