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Welcome to Kodiak Bear’s Class page!

Here you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work. Please visit again soon to follow our learning journey through the year. 

Our class teacher is Mrs Ali

We're looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and growing together!

Year 5 World War 2 Entry Point Day

In order to truly immerse ourselves into our topic this term, we have come to school dressed as an evacuees. We started the day listening to Neville Chamberlain make a public announcement to the British people and  Winston Churchill speak in his most famous and rousing speech about the 'finest hour' . We have learnt why evacuation took place, where they had to move to and how difficult it was for the young children to adapt to the drastic changes that took place. Furthermore, we've been learning about what evacuees would have packed and thought about what essential and non-essential items we would pack ourselves. We have watched clips of Carrie's War and Goodnight Mr Tom in order to further empathise with the challenges children and families faced around the UK. We listened to the Air Raid siren in class and practised 'duck and cover' under our tables - this was very exciting! In the afternoon, we got to be evacuated! Mrs Ali evacuated us out of our classroom and placed us in different classrooms around the school - this was to help us write a letter to our loved ones back home in London. A fantastic day enjoyed by us all!  


Important information & recent news

Christmas Fair 2019

We had a fun afternoon playing games with our friends and winning prizes! Some of us met Santa in his grotto too! 


Year 5 Christmas Songs:

Practise for the concert is in full flow, however can you please take some time to practise the lyrics and signing for the christmas songs, so children are fluent with the words for their performance on Wednesday 12th. The children have been given lyrics, but you can also access them through a link at the bottom of this page. 

P.E Lessons

Our outdoor PE session is Monday.

Our indoor PE session is Thursday.

Please make sure P.E kits stay in school all week. Tracksuits (please see school newsletter for more information) will be needed as the weather starts to get a bit colder!

Home-learning Tasks

A home-learning task is given out on a Friday and should be returned completed on the following Tuesday.

Each week there will be either a Maths or English task connected to the work we will be doing in class that week. 

Times Tables Rock Stars

Every child has a unique username and password for Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS). Your child can practise their speed and accuracy in a fun and engaging way. The app can be downloaded onto home devices for access at home. 



Please also try to read every night! Reading records will need a minimum of 3 reads recorded in the reading record. Children who show enthusiastic reading and achieve 5 times in a week, will be entered into the ‘Strive for Five’ draw.


 In Year 5, we practise the Year 5/6 Common Exception Words.Spellings can be practised every night using the look, say, cover, write, check method. Spelling tests are every Wednesday and test the weekly spellings as presented in the spelling list:

Magic Maths

Mrs Ali's Maths Group - This week you will need to practise converting between measures - refer to the handout you were given to practice the skills. A copy of the sheets can be downloaded below:


Our English writing is based around the book King Kong by Anthony Browne. It is based on the story of the giant gorilla and his dramatic adventures including the rescue of a beautiful lady in distress and battles with dinosaurs, it ends with the iconic final moment on the Empire State Building.

51Z4ZVY64VL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_We have written similes and metaphors about Kongs eyes, hands and jaw. Here are some examples:

His eyes are like flames, burning with raging anger. - Lee
His eyes are like burning magma, streaming violently. - Christopher
His eyes look like immense fire, burning with anger. - Stephanie
His eyes are like an eruption of volcanic lava. - Harry

His jaw is like a crocodile devouring it's prey. - Ethan 

We have written some fantastic expanded noun phrases using the images in the book (2a/4a sentences): 

The gloomy, swamp-like water sits besides the cold, mouldy rock. - Rocco 

The unfortunate beast, sits in tight, metal chains and he stares at his love one more time. - Rocco

Our last English topic we wrote newspaper reports, based on the book The London Eye Mystery. Here are some fantastic examples, have a read below: 

IMG_0277[1]Written by Zachary Tierney

IMG_0280[1]Written by Ethan Simpson


This week we will be learning how  to multiply and divide a number/decimal number by 10,100 and 1000. we used a place value grid to understand how the digits move to the left/right: 

IMG_0255[1](1)This week we have been learning about factors, prime numbers and square numbers. Here is a snapshot of some active maths: using counters to demonstrate a square number in the shape of an array. We have demonstrated that prime numbers are unique; as they unable to form an array. We have also identifed cube numbers, using multlink cubes to build larger cubes:





Our current topic is ‘Materials and their Properties’. We have been testing different objects for electrical conductivity, magnetism and thermal conductivity. We have also been testing different materials for thier solubility in water: 




P.E (Dance)

In our P.E lesson this week, we learnt three key features of the Lindy Hop and created a routine. Here are some examples: 


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In R.E this term we have been learning about Islam:

  • Why is Muhammed important to Muslims?
  • How do Muslims express their beliefs through practices?
  • What is the role of the mosque?
  • What is the Qu’ran and why is it important to Muslims?

We've learnt how many times a day a muslim must pray and tried out the movesments as a class: 


IMG_0080[1]Topic: Liverpool

In our music lessons, we have been learning the tune and lyrics of ‘Penny Lane’ by the Beatles We have also had the opportunity to use the glockenspiels to sing whilst playing the tune of Penny Lane:


School Trip - British Music Experience & Liverpool Museum

As part of the learning in our topic lessons, we had the opportunity to learn about music through the ages and learn about the history of Liverpool too: 


Christmas with the Kodiaks 

We have been busy getting ready for the festivities this year, by following our tradition of making classroom decorations. This year we made wreaths! 

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