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Year 6 Grizzly Bears

My dear Grizzly Bears,

I hope you are all well. I know that many of you are probably anxious about the future. It is at times like these that we realise how much we need others. So why not send someone a message of encouragement? Remember that it is good to talk!

I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Mr Hughes

Hello Grizzly Bears!

Well done, those of you who have been completing the tasks on Purple Mash. I have set a couple more tasks, both linked to the Maya topic. Remember also that you have your homework books to complete...and the household chores, of course.

I hope you are all keeping well.

Mr Hughes

My dearest Grizzly Bears,

I trust that you are all being incredibly helpful at home. Remember that this is the ideal opportunity to clean the house, do the dishes, and so on. I have started a blog on Purple Mash, so that you can let me know what jobs you have been doing to help out!

By the way, Chester Zoo are giving a virtual tour of the animal enclosures today. Have a look!

Take care.

Mr Hughes

My dear Grizzly Bears,

I hope you are all well. I have set a couple of tasks for you on Purple Mash...and then there are the tasks in your homework books. In addition, I would like you to:

  • tidy your bedroom;
  • make your bed;
  • vacuum clean the house;
  • make someone a cup of tea.

That should keep you busy for a while. Take care.

Mr Hughes

Welcome to Grizzly Bears!

Our class teachers are Mrs Mathieson and Mr Hughes. We also have Mrs Guy working with us this year. 

Some important things to remember in Year 6:

Homework is a very important part of Year 6. It helps children to revisit certain areas of the curriculum to consolidate work covered in class. It also prepares them for life in a secondary school.

Maths and English homework is given out every Friday and should be returned to school by Tuesday morning.

Magic maths and spellings are given out on Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday. You can find the list all of the Year 5 and 6 words below:  


We have been studying the narrative poem, The Highwayman, and drawing upon the language style to write and recount by one of the protagonists.


Here is an example:


As children prepare for their end of year tests, we need to ensure that they become increasingly fluent in their use of mathematical facts. We see every year that children who have learned their multiplication tables benefit greatly from the ability to recall facts quickly.

To help your child improve their speed of recall, we have organised a way for them to practise at home online.

Image result for times tables rockstars

Autumn Topic

In the Autumn term we study Russia, focusing on two important events in its more recent history: the revolution of 1917 and the Siege of Leningrad. We also look at what it is like to live in Russia today, including in places above the Arctic Circle, for example.

Children should be taking regular visits to the 'TTRockstars' website - they all have logins and codes, so no excuses!



Year 6 is such an important milestone in your child’s education. It is their first experience of externally marked statutory tests, as well as their final year in a primary school. It is essential that they make every effort to be in school every day!

Remember to ‘Strive for Five!’ in order to have your name entered in to a prize draw.


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