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In History we aim to give children an understanding of the past and how the effects of previous events have an impact on our lives today. We give children a chance to have hands-on experience as much as possible. This includes a variety of trips and school-based activity days. We cover a range of historical periods from different areas of the world.

During their time at Townfield Primary School the children will study Toys, Victorians, Florence Nightingale, The Great Fire of London, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greeks, World War II and Tudors and more interesting topics.

Teddy Bear and Care Bear Room

Individual birthdays celebrated and uploaded onto Tapestry. Children given opportunity to talk about how old they are now and how they celebrated their birthday. We also look at our birthday display train to see whose birthday is next in our class. Children often tell us about family birthdays and are asked if they would like to make a card.

Birthday role-play area set up, making birthday cards to encourage mark-making, playing party games, encouraging children to recall past birthdays. Electronic cake with candles on supplied for the children to count the candles and sing along to the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. This is also explored further in Maths, where the children have to   count out two or three candles on a cake template. The gift of giving and receiving explored through making cards, wrapping presents.




Year One History

Year 1 have been studying Queen Elizabeth II, they designed and made some crown jewels (Crowns, Orbs and Sceptres)



Celebrating Christmas in F1

Children help to make decorations to display in the classroom and are encouraged to talk about how they celebrate Christmas at home. The gift of giving and receiving explored through making cards, putting presents in sack and Christmas celebrated also through stories, songs, rhymes and music and movement.    


Year One Guy Fawkes

We have role played the Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes), we acted out the reactions from the plotters after they had learnt about the King receiving a 'Letter of Warning' about the attack!


Year 5 History

We have been covering Liverpool and looked at the Slave Trade Triangle, the Liverpool Docks and how they were important then and have changed over time. We have also been looking at Liverpool over the years and children created their own timelines which included the social and economic decline of the 1980's and the rejuvenation of The Waterfront.  We visited The British Music Experience and investigated different types of music throughout the centuries and we are currently researching The Beatles.

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