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Text Messaging

We have recently introduced text messaging as a way of keeping parents informed of important information. This brief guide should help you make the most of our new system.

  • How do I sign up for Text Messaging?

    When you give us your details, you choose a priority contact - as long as we have this person's mobile phone number, you will automatically be registered. There is nothing else you need to do.

  • Can more than one carer receive the text message?

    Where parents are separated, we can make arrangements for this - please contact the school office to discuss it. Unfortunately, we can only send messages to one person per household.

  • Why do messages display a number and not 'Townfield Primary School'

    This is down to the system we use. By using a number instead of a name, you are able to reply to the message and we may sometimes ask you to reply to confirm you've read something particularly important. Replies to our text messages cost your operator's standard rate - which is usually included in any free text bundles.

    If we haven't asked you to reply, and you do, we may not read your reply as we won't be expecting it.

  • I've changed my mobile number! What do I do?

    Let us know as soon as you do! We'll update our system immediately.

  • What will I receive messages about?

    We bought the system with emergencies such as closures etc in mind. However, we are planning to use text messaging shortly to give you important information that we may normally phone home for or if we can't get hold of you, to let you know we need you to call us!

  • Will you still use Social Media?

    Yes, messages intended for everyone will posted on Facebook, Twitter and sent out in a text message if necessary. 

  • Why won't you send everything by text?

    We pay per text message. It might not sound a lot, but 4p per message when you multiply that by the number of parents we have soon adds up! Because of that, we are reserving whole school text messages for emergencies or sudden changes of plan.

  • I've given you my mobile number but I'm not receiving messages.

    Firstly, check that we have actually sent a message out. If you know that we have and you haven't received it, it will either be because we don't have the correct number or because your number is in the wrong place on our system. Just come to the office to talk it through.

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