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Science in the Curriculum

The science curriculum at Townfield Primary School generally follows the content of the new National Curriculum. However, there are some noticeable changes to the long term plan:

  • Some areas of learning (forces, materials) are revisited every year, with clear progression in terms of concept;
  • The Key Stage 1 plan includes units on sound and forces;
  • Some units from Year 6 have been moved to Year 5, thereby allowing opportunities for revision.

The school curriculum aims to show meaningful progression within each unit of work, as well as across year groups and key stages. We believe that revisiting concepts regularly to consolidate and extend the pupils’ understanding is vital. We also believe that investigative science should be at the heart of science lessons in our school.

For planning, teachers should follow the school medium-term plan, as this will ensure progression across the key stages. For individual lesson plans, teachers are able to draw upon a wide range of resources. In particular, we will continue using the Wirral investigation planning grids as these help make clear the relationship between the various factors in a fair test; furthermore, they provide a structure within investigative science. We want to ensure there is greater rigour in the planning, execution, recording and reporting of scientific investigations.

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