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Writing in the Curriculum

How Writing is taught across the school

At Townfield Primary School writing is taught through the English lessons. In the Foundation Stage children are given a variety of writing opportunities. In Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2  we expect children to write in different  genres and apply these skills across the whole curriculum.

Play, talk, think       Genres      
  Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
  Story Story Story Story Story Story Story
        Playscripts   Playscripts  
        Persuasion Persuasion Persuasion Persuasion
  Instruction Instruction Instruction Instruction      
  Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry
      Diary   Diary    
  Letters Letters Letters Letters Letters Letters Letters
  Recount Recount Recount        
      Newspaper   Newspaper   Newspaper
          Biography Biography  
  Captions and labels Captions and labels          
      Information Information Information    
            Arguments Arguments
            Reports Reports

In English lessons guided writing sessions are planned during which the teacher can work with a small group of children.

Big Write forms the basis of our assessment. Each term the children are given 4 pieces of extended writing to complete. The children are given an unseen title that covers one of genres that they have covered during the term. All four pieces of writing are assessed using our levelled marking sheets, following which a judgement is  made about which overall level to award. Children are all given an individual target to help them improve their writing and if they meet their target twice they are promoted on the promotion board and a new target is set, this ensures that all children have a sense of achievement when they meet their targets. This approach allows the children to know what they have to do to improve their own writing.

In 2014-2015, we began introducing the Exciting Sentence Types developed by educationalist, Alan Peat. As a school, we are adopting a consistent approach to writing using these sentence types.

For more information about the sentence types, have a look at the mobile app here or download our overview of when each sentence type is introduced:

Some key characteristics of the different levels of writing are shown below. You can use these to support your child in their writing. Please click link below.

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